All in One SEO Pack Plugin Configuration Tutorial Step by Step

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Configuration Tutorial Step by Step

If you are looking for a WordPress SEO plugin, you should use All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin to Google search engine ranking, because it is one of the best WordPress search engine optimization plugin for WordPress site and be used by 3+ million WordPress site. Click here to download All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin.

In this article, we will tell about All in One SEO Pack settings. By which you can improve Google ranking results by optimizing WordPress SEO optimization.

But my recommendation is that you install Yoast SEO plugin instead of All in SEO pack. “All in SEO Pack” free version have not many important features, while you can get all these important features in Yoast SEO settings. As well as many advanced features are also available in Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Why Is SEO Plugin Required For WordPress?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for getting a search ranking in search engines like Google and other popular web search engines. In this condition, All in One SEO Pack helps to get Search engine ranking of your blog.

Beginners Guide for All in One SEO Pack Plugin Configuration tutorial

The basic version of All In One SEO Plugin is available for free. All in One SEO Pack Pro version provides some additional features for your blogs, such as video sitemaps, eCommerce SEO, 1 year professional support and many other features. And its price ranges from $ 97- $ 699.

So let’s start All in One SEO Settings…..

If you have installed and activated All in One SEO plugin on your blog, then go ahead and set up All in One SEO. To configure, go to All in one SEO >> General settings. Here you will see lots of settings that will frighten you. But don’t tremble, we will tell you Step by Step guide about All in One SEO pack settings.

1. General Settings

The first option in the General Settings page is to set Canonical URLs which can save duplicate content from Google penalties. Configure All in One SEO pack plugin on your blog according to given screenshots.

All in One SEO Pack

2. Home Page Settings

In the home page settings, you need to add some details like Home Title, and Home description. The following points should be kept in mind while giving the title and description of your blog.

Home Title – Use Keyword or tagline while giving your blog name

Home Description – Write your blog’s site description with 160 characters with meaningful, informative and using keyword.

all in one seo pack configuration

3 . Title Settings

Remove %blog_title% from your post title format. As you can see in the screenshot.

all in one seo pack tutorial

4. Custom post type settings

All in One SEO Pack

You do not have to do anything in display settings. You can skip this and move on.

5. Webmaster verification

it is a very useful section in All in One SEO settings for your site to verify in Google Webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool, and Pinterest. To verify your site, get the verification key and paste in it. These webmaster tools provide information about your site’s Stats and search engine rankings.

6. Google Settings

Under Google Settings section, enter your Google Plus profile URL for google verified authorship. Once you add a link, go to Google+ profile about page and add your site to contributors section. You can also add Google Analytics ID for Tracking your blog.

7. Noindex Settings

This is one of the most important settings for your blog. In it, you need to prevent archive pages from being indexed into search engines. Because your archive pages are for user-experience and navigation. When we index these pages in the search engine, these pages create duplicate content in search engines which have a negative impact on the blog’s SEO. Therefore, we will do noindex for all the archive pages.

all in one seo plugin wordpress

Under Advance settings, uncheck “Auto generate descriptions” option and write more attractive meta description.

8. Keyword Settings

Many SEO experts believe that there is no benefit to using the meta keywords tag. And some believe that they are still useful. These keywords are disabled by default in All in One SEO. If you want to use keywords, you can enable it here.

All in One SEO Pack

9. All in One SEO pack configuration for Single post

In single post settings, you will see three options – Titles, Description, and Keyword.

Meta Title

When you write a post, you can decide how to show your post to search engines and readers by Meta Title. You can also make your post title search friendly. Default title for reader, and when you enter the second title in all in one SEO pack plugin options, it will be used for the search engine.

all in one seo plugin tutorial

Meta Description

A meta description is the most important part of your website search engine optimization.

By this option, you can decide how to show your Post Description in the search engines result and you can write a good description with custom keyword in it. This plugin supports up to 160 words. My recommendation is to use target keyword in the meta description.


You can leave blank this section.

That’s all in All in One SEO Pack tutorial………

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