Basic SEO Guide for WordPress Site

Basic SEO Guide for WordPress Site

If you have just started a new blog, then read this post fully. In this article, we will tell you about the WordPress SEO tip, which you can apply to your blog and easily improve website ranking.

Basic WordPress SEO tips for New Blogger

1. WordPress Permalink

Permalink is the URL of your blog post. Default WordPress permalinks are not compatible with search engine optimization strategies and it has no importance in WordPress SEO.

So you should use the WordPress SEO friendly permalink which is optimized for search engines.

Do not worry, you do not need to do much because the WordPress has updated SEO friendly permalink (Post Name Permalink) in its new version. You only have to go to the WordPress permalink section and select Post name Permalink. Now the post URL of your WordPress site will be SEO friendly


If you make any changes to your blog, then make a full backup of your WordPress site. So if something goes wrong with your site, then you can easily restore your blog

For example –

2. WordPress Sitemap

A Sitemap contains your blog’s URLs so that search engine bots or crawlers can easily crawl your site URLs and index them in search engines.

There are many plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory for generating a sitemap, but I use the Yoast SEO plugin, which is a Best SEO plugin and allows to create a Sitemap.

After creating a Sitemap, submit your sitemap by visiting Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool.  After submitting a sitemap, you will see pending sign, but after some time it will start showing indexed URLs in search engines.

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3. Control the indexing of your WordPress site

According to WordPress SEO tips, it is also a very important factor to get a great website ranking in the search engine.

According to the Google Panda updates, Google penalizes the domain that has low-quality content. Therefore, prevent the low-quality page like Tags, Categories, author archive from being indexed in search engines.

To do this simple add noindex tag to these pages. To add a noindex tag you can use Meta robots and best SEO WordPress plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

4. Use the Image Alt tag and Image Sitemap

You should use Image to improve content quality. If you do not add do not add images to your content then start adding images to your content. Why we add images to content…..

  • You get more organic traffic from images search.
  • You can Pin your image on Pinterest.
  • Images make your content better.
  • You can get extra traffic and free backlinks by adding your original images to Flickr.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits. The best advantage of adding images to the blog post is that search engine optimizes your WordPress images like text content. Which gives your blog content a high rank. Search engine bots use Alt tag to rank any images.

You can use the SEO Friendly Images plugin to set up automatic ALT tags in all images. This is a great plugin. You can use this plugin to set ALT tag for all images. If you have a lot of images on your blog, you can create a sitemap for them and submit it to google search console Tools. This method not only provides targeted traffic, but it also makes ranking in the search engine of many keywords.

You can use the plugin to reduce your image size.

5. Use Unique Meta Title and Description

Many Bloggers do not use Unique Meta Title and Description for Blog post that is a big mistake according to WordPress SEO tips.

If you write unique meta descriptions, it makes your content great, a unique meta description should be less than 160 characters. And your meta description should include the target keyword.

There are many plugins in WordPress like All in one SEO plugin or WordPress SEO Yoast plugin that allow us to write Unique Meta Title and Description. I would recommend using WordPress Yoast SEO plugin.

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that you can do SEO easily on your blog with the help of WordPress SEO plugin. If you do proper configuration. then this will give you great benefits to your WordPress blog and the wrong setup will be harm for your WordPress site.

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