How to Generate more Traffic to your Website

How to Generate more Traffic to your Website

Do you want to increase website traffic ? It is also one of the most commonly asked questions on the Internet and there are lots of tips in Internet. From which you can Increase Website Traffic. In this tutorial i will share some best way to improve website traffic.

There is no way you can increase blog traffic quickly. You have to research and follow many steps for this. And you have to find out which method works to get more website traffic.

Traffic Generator to your Website

  • Referral Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog by Email Marketing, Social Media, YouTube, Etc….

  • Search Traffic

Driving traffic to your blog from search engines is also called Organic traffic. When your blog is in the top of Google Search List, you can get a lot of traffic.

  • Direct Traffic

This is a very time-consuming method. you need to create Unique Brand and reach a good stage.

There are 2 best Methods to increase website traffic – Search Engines and Social Media Marketing.

Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic Full Guide

  • Search Engine Optimization

In Search Engines, we will start with Google search engine because other search engines Algorithm is different and their Search Volume is not even much. So start with Google to building blog traffic.

Google has developed an algorithm to show good results to search results, According to users’ requests, automatically filter the best results and take them to the top. There are many factors that Google works on, but I will tell you some important factors which can help to get more website traffic.

  • Proper Title, Permalink and Meta

Many Webmaster and Bloggers leave the titles, Permalink and Description to default, but if you want to get good ranking in the search engine, then write these manually, you can improve your blog Meta description and title and Permalink with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin.

  • Use Proper Keywords

Before writing any article, you should do keyword research. Because people search by using keywords, not by Sentence, but in some cases, you have to put an idea about what keywords people can write in Google Search.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks is a major role in a Ranking Factor from long time. Backlinks are a boon for Google and also a curse. Google blocks your site due to bad backlinks.

According to Google, Focus on Quality of Content, Backlinks will automatically increase. This means if you have good content on your blogs people will Links Follow Back. But more people will not link back to you because you are a new user, so more people will not interested in link back to you.

  • Organic Link Building

Infographics, Making Videos, Content Marketing, Guest Blogging.

  • Move To HTTPs

Google has cleared that SSL is one of the Ranking Factors. So just move in to https.

  • Accelerate Mobile Pages

If you use Accelerate Mobile Pages, you will get a lot of benefit in search results. This is Google’s own tool. AMP pages are displayed at the top in Mobile Search Results.

  • Increase visitors to website from Social Media

Social Media is very important in today’s time. Everyone is on Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. With all these platforms you can get lots of traffic. You can focus more on Facebook of Social Media Sites.

  • Increase blog traffic from Facebook

Driving traffic to your blog from Facebook is very easy. We all know that Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users. So this is a great opportunity for you to generate traffic to your blog.

You can create your own Groups, Pages for Promote Your Products and Blog. The best option is to Create a Facebook Page If you have a good Facebook page that has a lot of followers, then you can promote your blogs from it and boost your website traffic.

Apart from this there are some other sites like Twitter, Reddit, Quora Etc. With it help you can increase visitors to website.

Another way is email marketing From sites like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getrespose, you can find an email from people who visit your blogs, and you can email them to provide information about your new updates on Regular Basis. Email Marketing works in long time.

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  1. This post is full of such good information! I have to admit that my narrow focus on keywords and SEO has done damage to my writing process. My writing just didn’t seem as authentic as it used to be when I wrote on more private blogs. I also like the idea of targeting smaller blogs in my niche and creating my own products to sell. Thank you!

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