9 Biggest Blogging Mistakes that kill any Blog

9 Biggest Blogging Mistakes that kill any Blog

Today in this article we will tell you about the 8 biggest blogging mistakes that can kill any blog. If you want to get success in blogging, then you should stay away from all these mistakes.

However, We all have made some common mistakes in our blogging journey and we live in a world where we learn from our first mistake.

In clear words, there is no such person in this world who is completely perfect. Cause every person makes many mistakes in his life.

Also, every pro bloggers have made many mistakes in his blogging journey. Here we are going to share some of the common blogging mistakes so that you do not make these mistakes.

Biggest Blogging Mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Avoid Copy & Paste

If you want to get success in blogging journey, never copy and paste content from another blog. Always write fresh and quality content on your blog. Furthermore, your article should be interesting and evergreen. But if you copy content from another blog then Google will reduce your search ranking and gradually you will be removed from the Google search result. Even your blog can be blacklisted.

There are many new bloggers who copy the contents of the popular blog and think that they will also become a blogging star. But it’s not that search engines blacklist their blog. So, copy and paste is against success in blogging.

2. Do not write short Content

Lengthy Content rank well in search engines. If you write a small blog post for your blog, then you should also avoid it because shorts article does not get good ranking in Google search and you think why visitors are not coming to your blog.

You can read this article by Neil Patel – Why 3000+ Word Blog Posts Get More Traffic and easily understand the importance of a longer post.

Always write the content of at least 1000 words but to increase the article length, do not write frivolous things in your article, and if you do so, your post will never able to get Google search engine ranking.

3. Keyword Research

This is the most important factor to get good traffic on any blog. Keyword research helps to make your content more SEO friendly. Before writing articles on any topic first analyze keyword and traffic. This is a very important factor in Blogging Journey.

But there are many such beginners who do not do keyword research before writing an article and chooses a keyword according to your mind that is a big mistake.

To rank your site on the first page of the search engine, always select Low Competition and high searches keyword for your article. Apart from this, add Longtail keyword to your content. If you add Longtail keyword to your article, it is highly targeted.

4. Not updating content regularly

If you want to succeed in blogging, then you have to do blogging on the Regular Basis. There are so many bloggers who leave regular blogging after publishing 100-150 posts but if you do not do Reggler blogging and publish the new article on your blog, your ranking will gradually decrease.

Apart from this, your blog traffic will also decrease because Google likes Active Blogs. So, update your blog on regular basis.

5. Laziness in work

In this world, we can not get anything easily. We need to work hard.

This is also in blogging, we can not achieve anything at night. In this, we need hard work and patience. So, leave laziness and become active because laziness is harmful to your blog and can end your online business

6. Slow Loading Speed

Slow loading speed can destroy your blog and hard work.

If your blog loading speed is not good, then the visitor will not wait to open your blog or like to visit your site. they will exit immediately, which will increase your site’s bounce rate.

No one likes to visit the slow loading website, so try keeping your website loading speed 3 seconds. Even Google has said that the faster lading website gets higher rank in search engine.

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7. Never reply to comments

There are many bloggers who do not reply to the comments of the visitor. If you do this, then it puts a negative impact on the visitor. Always reply to the comments of readers or visitors. It will help to create a good relationship with readers.

8. Do not properly optimize post

all of you know what is SEO. It make your website search engine friendly and you can bring your blog or website to the first page in the search engines.

Some Quick tips to optimize your article

  1. Use the main Keyword in title
  2. Included the main Keyword with Permalink
  3. Use Keyword in your first paragraph
  4. Use Keyword in ALT tag to images
  5. Use Keywords in Headings
  6. keyword density 2%-2.5%

9. Do not read any blogs

If you do not read any other blog then this is your biggest blogging mistakes.

You should follow some top bloggers what they are doing on their blog.  Apart from this you can find out their activity and according to them, you can manage your blog.

These are some of the common blogging mistakes that can end any blog. You can comment for any questions or suggestions related to this article.

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  1. Once I used to post regularly. Then my rank and page views are well. But I am not posting regularly. My rank and page views are decreased. What is the reason ? Do I need to post regularly to get more traffic and increase page rank ?

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