Step by Step guide to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

Step by Step guide to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency all over the world and today current bitcoin price is in millions and in the coming times, BTC value can be worth crores rupees. There was a time when the price of bitcoin was so low that no one wants to invest in it but today there is a competition to buy it across the country. Everyone is crazy to buy bitcoin but most People do not know How to buy and sell Bitcoin. In this article, we will tell you, what is bitcoin and how to buy and sell bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a most popular Cryptocurrency. You can neither see nor touch. You save it in a wallet (Bitcoin Wallet) on the Internet.

This is a decentralized currency, which means that there is no right of government and any company on this currency. It is an open source currency, invented by Santoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

When it was invented then the price of 1 BTC rate was around 0.003$ but today its price is in thousands of dollars.

Essential Documents to buy and sell Bitcoin in India

If you want to buy and sell bitcoin in India then there should be some Essential documents for this, then you can buy and sell bitcoins in India.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter id card
  • Pan Card
  • Phone Number
  • bank account details

How to buy and sell Bitcoin in India

Buying and selling Bitcoin is not a difficult task. With the help of any bitcoin exchange website or mobile app, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin in India. There are two very popular bitcoin website like “Zebpay and Unocoin” for buying bitcoins in India, where you can easily buy and sell bitcoins. to purchase Bitcoin from these two websites Follow these steps.

1. Sign up for any Bitcoin website

To sell and buy Bitcoin, sign up for Zebpay or Unocoin and create an account.

2. Upload documents

You have to upload some of your required documents (Aadhaar Card, Pan Card) while Sign up. After this, your account will be activated within 24 hours and you will receive an email or message that your account has been activated.

3. Enter Bank Details and Deposit Money

Once the account is activated, add your bank details so that you can deposit money into your account and buy bitcoin.

4. Buy Bitcoin

After depositing money, you can convert this money into bitcoin. For this, you have to click on “Buy Bitcoin” and enter the amount you want to convert to Bitcoin.

5. How to sell Bitcoin

If you want to sell your bitcoin, you can sell bitcoin where you bought the bitcoin. For this, you have to click on “Sell bitcoin”.

After selling the bitcoin, you can send your money to your bank account by clicking on Withdrawal option and your money will be deposited in the bank account within 3-4 days. In this way, you can buy and sell bitcoin easily…

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