How to remove cache from your WordPress site

How to remove cache from your WordPress site

Often the WordPress users ask how to clear cache on their WordPress blog? In this tutorial, we will show you how to clear WordPress cache.

What is WordPress cache and when does it need?

Site cache is a static version of your website, that skips WordPress’s heavier PHP scripts and improves your website’s performance.

There are various types of WordPress cache plugins available for clear cache and the best WordPress cache plugins are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

Using these Cache plugin, you can easily delete cache from WordPress site. If you use a CDN service such as MaxCDN or Cloudflare, they provide the cached version to the visitors.

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The main purpose of WordPress cache is to speed up your WordPress website and improve the user experience.

Sometimes when you make some changes on your site, it does not appear immediately, in this case, you need to delete cache.

Let’s See how to remove cache in WordPress blog……..

1. Clear Browser Cache

Most web browsers store static content such as stylesheets, javascript, images and when the visitor comes to the site the next time, the site opens fast.

But here, We will tell you how to clear browser cache in Google Chrome. First, click on the menu icon and then click on More Tools >> Clear Browsing Data. You can see in the screenshot below.

Now a popup will open in front of you. Select the content that you want to remove, make sure the box of cached images and files is checked and then hit on the ‘Clear Browsing Data‘ Button.

Your browser cache successfully cleared. Now you can visit your website.

If you do not see any change, continue reading

2. WordPress clear cache

If you are a WordPress user and using the WordPress cache plugin, then you have to delete cache from the WordPress cache plugin.

  • For WP Super Cache Users

WP Super Cache plugin is the best WordPress cache plugin for shared hosting that allows clearing all cached content with one click.

To delete cache from your site go to Settings >> WP Super Cache page and click the ‘Delete Cache‘ button.

By doing so, all cache files will be deleted from your site.

  • For W3 Total cache Users

W3 Total Cache is another popular WordPress cache plugin that removes cache with one click.

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To clear your WordPress cache, go to Performance >> Dashboard page and click on the ‘Empty all caches‘ button. The W3 cache plugin will now remove all site cache from your WordPress Blog or website.

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