What is Cloudflare CDN and what are its benefits

What is Cloudflare CDN and what are its benefits

Today in this article we will tell you What is Cloudflare and what are its benefits. If you use Cloudflare network on your website or blog, you will get great benefits. Here We will cover everything related to Cloudflare CDN. So that all the doubts related to your Cloudflare CDN can be clear.

So, let’s start What is Cloudflare CDN and what are its benefits…..

What is Cloudflare CDN and how it works

Cloudflare is a free Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloudflare provides two versions free and paid and you can use Cloudflare free plan which provides Cloudflare free SSL, increase strengthens the security, website loading speed, and also filters your website traffic. Cloudflare servers do not allow spam traffic to your blog/website.

When you install Cloudflare CDN on your blog, it provides two Nameservers which you have to update your Domain nameserver and now traffic coming to your blog passes through Cloudflare servers.

If you use Cloudflare Network on your blog, can start with Cloudflare free CDN plan.

You can upgrade Cloudflare’s paid plan at any time. Otherwise, Use Cloudflare free CDN service which is great for your blog.

How does Cloudflare work

After setup Cloudflare CDN on your blog and when visitors visit your blog or website, all those visitors pass through Cloudflare servers.

Cloudflare servers protect your website or blog with the DDOS attack, SQL injection, spam comment and Provide security to your website. Apart from this, it improves your website loading time.

If you are thinking to use the Cloudflare service then start with its free plan. The free plan works great for a small blog. If you need a paid plan, you can take it too.

Benefits of using Cloudflare CDN

As we have described in the above paragraph, Cloudflare servers protect your blog or website from spam attacks and Provide security to your website or blog.

1. Free CDN service

Cloudflare offers free CDN, which improve your website load time by minifying JavaScript, CSS, HTML. You can easily integrate it on your blog.

Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) according to its location. Using the Cloudflare CDN on the Blog/website, you can improve website loading speed up to 50%, which will make your site more faster.

2. Security

Cloudflare Network protects your blog or website with spam attack, SQL injection, DDOS attack, spam comments.

Some people say that after setting up Cloudflare CDN service on the blog, their visitors cannot access the website, its main reason is that they were using your site as spam. So they can not open your blog or website. Because Cloudflare keeps your site safe from all those spamming.

3. Free SSL certificate

Cloudflare offers free SSL certificate to the basic plan, which increases search engine ranking with site security. Even Google has also cleared that SSL plays an important role to increase website ranking.

Apart from this, Cloudflare CDN saves your bandwidth by saving spam traffic to your blog.

Before setup Cloudflare CDN on your blog or website, check your site speed and website speed and Check again after a few days after configuring Cloudflare.

If you are a WordPress user then you should use Cloudflare Network. It provides great features for your website. 

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