Configure Autoptimize plugin to improve website speed

Configure Autoptimize plugin to improve website speed

Do you want to improve loading time of your WordPress site? Well there are many different ways to improve website speed, but in these articles, I’ll tell you about “Autoptimize plugin configuration” by which you can optimizing CSS and Javascript of your site and improve site performance.

The main goal of the Autoptimize WordPress plugin is to compress your website’s CSS and Javascript files to improve website performance. In addition, it also optimizes HTML files and improves website loading speed.

In this article we will learn how to setup Autoptimize WP plugin…..

Autoptimize plugin Configuration Step by Step

In the Autoptimize plugin you will see two settings – Basic and Advanced setting. You will need to click on “Show advanced settings” Tab to see advanced settings. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Autoptimize plugin

Along with this, you can also configure the CDN to improve your page speed load time.

If you click on Save changes button by checking options given in its Basic feature, then this plugin will immediately begin optimize your website.

If its basic feature does not work on your website, you can use its advanced settings. But before going into advanced settings you have to configure its Basic setting.

Autoptimize plugin advanced settings configuration

To configure advanced settings of Auto optimized wordpress plugin, click on the “Show advanced settings” tab above the right side. Clicking on this tab will give you many options. You can see in the screenshot below.

autoptimize plugin

HTML Options

As you can see, there are no advanced settings for optimizing under the HTML options. Here you only need to ‘check‘ the box of “Keep HTML comments” and then proceed to the next setting.

autoptimize plugin

Javascript Options

In the “JavaScript options” of the Autoptimize WP plugin you will need a little more settings. Most WordPress themes and plugins use their own Javascript, which increase your website loading time, which has a bad effect on your page load time, but with this auto optimize plugin you can minimize Javascript and Can speed up web page loading time of your website. First of all, you need to enable Optimize javascript code and then check the “Force javascript in <head>?” box.

autoptimize plugin

CSS Options

In the “CSS Options” section, enable “Optimize CSS Code”. And check the “Inline all CSS” box to improve the webpage loading speed.

autoptimize plugin

Note: Autoptimize plugin only optimizes CSS and Javascript that is loaded from your domain. it does not optimize third party scripts, such as Google Fonts, Facebook, Twitter. So try to reduce the use of external sources as much as possible.

CDN Options

Enter your CDN URL in the “CDN Base URL” field, and click the “Save Changes and Empty Cache” button.

autoptimize plugin

That’s all…….

Autoptimize plugin is compatible with WP Super Cache and CDN Linker which provides more developed rewrite functionality. By using this WordPress speed optimization plugin correctly, you can improve your site performance much better and along with this you can speed up website load time.

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