Configure Autoptimize plugin to improve website speed

Configure Autoptimize plugin to improve website speed

Do you want to improve loading time of your WordPress site? Well, there are many different ways to improve website speed, but today in this tutorial, I’ll tell you about “Autoptimize plugin configurationthat helps to optimize CSS and Javascript on your site and improve site performance.

The main goal of the Autoptimize plugin is to minify your website’s CSS and Javascript files and improve website performance. In addition, it also optimizes HTML files.

So let’s start the Autoptimize settings…

Autoptimize plugin Configuration Step by Step

Autoptimize plugin comes with two settings – Basic and Advanced setting.

For advanced settings, you will need to click on “Show advanced settings” Tab. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Autoptimize plugin

When you click the Save button after completing Autoptimize basic settings, it starts optimizing CSS, Javascript and HTML on your site.

If its basic feature does not work on your website, you can use its advanced settings. But before going into advanced settings you have to configure its Basic setting.

Autoptimize plugin advanced settings

Most WordPress themes and plugins use their own Javascript, CSS and HTML which increases your website loading time but the Autoptimize plugin can reduce them

To configure Autoptimize’s, advanced settings click on the “Show advanced settings” tab above the right side. Here you will see many options. You can see in the screenshot below.

autoptimize plugin

I recommend selecting these options:

HTML Options

autoptimize plugin

Javascript Options

. You can see the screenshot below,

Configure Autoptimize plugin

CSS Options

Configure Autoptimize plugin

Along with this, you can also configure the CDN to improve your website loading time.

CDN Options

Enter your CDN URL in the “CDN Base URL” field, and click the Save Changes and Empty Cache button.

autoptimize plugin

That’s all…….

Autoptimize plugin is compatible with WP Super Cache and CDN service.

However, the Autoptimize plugin added another new setting to its update. These settings allow you to remove query strings, emojis and Google Fonts from your site.

All these options you can find in the Extra tab of Autoptimize settings.

Configure Autoptimize plugin

If you correctly configure the Autoptimize plugin settings, it will greatly reduce your page size and speed.

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