How to redirect a URL to another URL Full Guide

How to redirect a URL to another URL Full Guide

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So stay on this article here, we will discuss everything related to redirect like what is redirect, how to create 301 redirect in WordPress and why it is important.

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What is a 301 redirect to WordPress

Permanently redirecting from OLD URL to new URL is called 301 redirects. By making Redirect, you indicate the visitor and the search engines that your site URL or blog post URL has been redirected.

Now when a visitor visits your OLD URL, it automatically redirects to the new URL.

There are many types of redirects like 301 redirects, 302 redirect, 307 redirect etc.

But here we will tell you about 301 redirections.

Why 301 redirect is important after URL redirection

When you move your website URL or page permanently, 301 redirects are done to redirect the visitor to the new URL.

And if you do not do this, the visitor will face 404 page not found error on your site and it is not only bad for users but also affects your website SEO and also hurts the search engine rankings.

Therefore 301 redirect is a very important task.

With 301 redirect you can tell visitor and search engine that your site URL or blog post URL has been redirected to the new location permanently.

How to Create 301 redirect in WordPress

For URL redirects first, install and activate a WordPress redirect plugin on your site. This is the easiest and fastest way to manage redirects to the WordPress site.

Here we will setup 301 redirections using Redirection plugin.

After activating the redirection plugin, you have to click on Tool >> Redirection. Then create 301 redirect according to the screenshot below.

How to Create 301 redirect in WordPress site Step by Step Guide

With redirection plugin, you can not only setup redirects but you can also find 404 errors on your WordPress site and redirect them.

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