How to Create account on MyEtherWallet : Cryptocurrency

How to Create account on MyEtherWallet : Cryptocurrency

If you are reading this article then you know about the popularity of cryptocurrency and also Ethereum is a Cryptocurrency which is the most popular crypto after Bitcoin. If you have some Ethereum and want to store in a wallet but for that, you will need to register an Ethereum wallet, here we will talk about How to create account on MyEtherWallet to store your Ethereum.

What is MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet is specially created for Ethereum cryptocurrency and this is the top trusted Ethereum wallet on online. It is different from other traditional web wallets because you are given a private key for Ethereum.

it is a Free, open-source Ethereum wallet which does not have any third-party servers. There is an inbuilt BTC to ETH swap feature and apart from this, you can connect your TREZOR & Ledger Wallet in MyEtherWallet.

How to Create account on MyEtherWallet

To create account on MyEtherWallet, follow all the steps given below,

  • First, visit website.
  • After visiting the site, check whether this is the original website or not. For this, check website URL MYETHERWALLET LLC [US] |
  • Then enter your password and Click on the “Create New Wallet”.

MyEtherWallet Best Ethereum wallet

  • Now, A new page will open, click on “Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)” then “I understand. Continue”.

MyEtherWallet Best Ethereum wallet

After downloading the Keystore file, save it in the system so that it can be used in the future if there is any problem.

  • In this page, you will see a Private Key that saves it your computer or print it. So that any problem can be solved or recover by using this private key. Then click on the “Save Your Address”.

MyEtherWallet Best Ethereum wallet

  • Here you have to copy and paste your private key into the box. You can see in the screenshot below.

MyEtherWallet Best Ethereum wallet

  •  Then click on “Unlock” Button.

MyEtherWallet Best Ethereum wallet

Now your account has been unlocked (created), scroll down your page and see all the details.

  1. Your Ethereum Wallet Address
  2. Private Key (unencrypted)
  3. Private Paper Wallet
  4. QR Code – These codes are for your Ethereum wallet address
  5. and private key.

Now, you can deposit and send Ethereum by scanning Ethereum address code.

How to login in MyEtherWallet

To login to your account, click on Send Ether and Tokens at the top of the home page and copy your private key and paste into the box then press Unlock so that you can log in your account.

How to use Wallet MyEtherWallet

  • You can buy and sell Ethereum.
  • You can exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • For online investment such as – Crypto Trading and Mining.

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