New Email account create in Gmail

New Email account create in Gmail

Do you want to create Gmail account?

If yes….

Then read this article carefully because in this article we will share how to make new Gmail account.

So let’s start to create new Gmail account…

In today’s world, there will be no person without Gmail ID (Email ID). And if you have not a Gmail id then make a new Gmail account. Because India is being converted from cashless to digital. Therefore, you need a Gmail ID to make a payment. And if you do not create Gmail id then make a Gmail account now.

Creating an Email Account is very easy and for this, you will only need 5-10 minutes. So if you want to create new Gmail account then read this post carefully.

What is Email ID

Email means electronic mail that means sending an email or any kind of data from one place to another with the help of internet. This is your personal identity or address on the internet. With the help of this, you can send a message to any person on the internet and receive the message sent by anyone.

Email ID can be created on many websites such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc. which is absolutely free. But today we will learn to create email id in Gmail account because Gmail is Google’s service and it is much safer.

How to create Gmail account : Set up new Gmail account

If you follow the given steps then it is very easy to create email ID in Gmail account. And if you have trouble in any place, you can comment here.

Now, follow the step to get Gmail address…

1. First, open your browser and search and visit the official site. after that Click on the Create account.

How to create Gmail account

2. Here a form will open for Gmail account sign up. Now you have to fill up all your details like name, email address, Date of Birth, etc….

How to create Gmail account

3. After filling out all your information, click on “Next Step” button and after this click on “I Agree” button.

4. Now you have to enter your mobile number, then select a text message (SMS) Or Voice Call and after this hit on “Continue” button to verify your account.


How to create Gmail account

5. Now there will come a code on your chosen method. Enter it here and click on the Continue button.

How to create Gmail account

6. Now your Gmail id has been created and you will be welcomed by Google. To enter your new Gmail id account click on “Continue to Gmail“.

How to create Gmail account

Now when you enter your new Gmail id, here you will find some emails already received which are sent by the Google Team for your welcome.

Now you are ready to use your create Gmail account.

How to sign and sign out from Gmail account

For Gmail sign in, go to, enter your email id and then click Next. After that you will have to enter your password, then click on “Next” button.

How to create Gmail account

Now, Your Gmail Account Will Be Opened.

For Sign Out, When you have finished working in your email, you have to click on the Gmail id icon in the top right corner of your screen to sign out, then click on sign out.

How to create Gmail account

I hope the above steps helped you to make new Gmail account. If you have any trouble to create Gmail account you can comment on any questions related to this article. If you like this article, please do not forget to share it on Twitter, Google+ and facebook…..

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