how to earn money from youtube step by step tutorial

how to earn money from youtube step by step tutorial

How to earn money from youtube step by step

youtube make money


can we earn money through youtube ?


Today we will tell you how to earn money through youtube.

Many newbies want to earn money using youtube. But with no complete knowledge about Youtube, they do not understand how to make money through youtube. There are many posts on the internet but they are not even mentioned in the complete guide.

But today in this post we are going to tell you “how to earn money from youtube videos“. From which you will earn money through youtube.

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So let’s know how do you get money from youtube.

After creating the channel to start earning from youtube, You have to choose a topic or niche In which you can give your 100%. Along with this, you should choose such niche which is useful for people and people who like to watch.

Some best ways to earn money from youtube :

  • Listening to the Story

Do you like to Recite the story?  If you have hidden a story teller in. And you have new stories in mind. Then do not wait for the right time. Because this is the right time to show your talent to the world, then tell people that you are now going to be a storyteller.

  • Comedy & Mimicry

Sometimes we copy our favorite characters, I have several friends who copy their favorite characters. So if you like to do comedy then entertain people with your mimicry or comedy. In this way you can earn good money from your YouTube channel.

  • Home makers Recipes

Cooking videos attracts a lot of people in youtube. Who does not want to eat good and delicious food? But many of us do not know how to make good and delicious dishes. So if you like to cook then you can guide people and teach them to cook better in simple steps.

  • From profession

You can also make money from your professional work. But your professions Work should be common. Which you can soon find Fame.

  • Sing

If you are a singer then you can earn good money from YouTube by singing your song. Many yongsters today are adopting this trick and make a video for youtube to make money.

Best way to make money on youtube :

Advertising is a popular way to earn money from YouTube. This is a good source of earn money through youtube, but you can earn money from Youtube in many ways.

Here we are telling you about 5 such best way by which you can earn lot of money from youtube.

1. Advertising

Youtube ad revenue sharing is the best method by which money can be earned from youtube. You can link your YouTube channel to your Google Adsense account and monetize youtube videos. You will get money according to per view on your videos. it will give you 55% of ad revenue.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Large content marketing agencies do not completely depend on their content distribution, It gives good money to those channels whose channels have a lot of fans. Just choose an affiliate marketing marketing according to your niche And tell them your audience and when they agree with your product, they will link any of their product to your video description.

3. Direct Promotion

It is mostly used as sponsorship. Advertising company gives you a fixed amount for collaboration with your youtube channel. But you can make money from youtube in another way of affiliate marketing. Here you have to show their products in your YouTube, in return, they will pay you a fixed amount.

4. Paid videos

Paid youtube videos, is a great resource to earn money from youtube. Here you can earn money by giving highly valuable information to your audience and  can earn money by taking money for that video. In this way you will not need to share your revenue with anyone.

5. Crowdsourcing:

You can provide free information to anyone and You can ask him to donate according to his wishes. Then your readers donate according to your wishes. Believe me, in this way people often donate a lot of money to such channels.


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