Easy way to prevent wifi from hackers

Easy way to prevent wifi from hackers

Easy way to prevent wifi from hackers

People search that how to stop someone from using my wifi connection. So in this article we tell you easy way to prevent WiFi from hackers.

I got many messages in which people wanted to know that How can they secure their Wifi Network from others’ access. Today we are going to tell this trick, which you will be able to connect to the selected Device in your Wifi Network and nobody will be able to use it without your help.

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Today, It is very difficult to keep WIfi Network Secured. Any Expert Computer Hacker Can Hack Your Wifi Network and can use your wifi network and You will not even know.

Today we are telling you the complete method of securing wifi network. So you can easily connect only those devices those You Want to Connect.

So let’s know how to secure your WIFI network.

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1. Firstly, you have to connect your computer to Wifi Network.

2. Now enter your Router’s IP Address in your Web Browser. If you do not know it then you can get it by typing ipconfig in Command Prompt CMD and hit Enter.

3. Now enter your Wifi router’s Username and Password.

4. Now go to Advanced Setting>Wireless Settings.

5.  Now click on Setup Access List, in which Wireless Card Access List will open.

6. Now press Add Button to add the devices you want to connect to your Wifi.

7. For this you need to enter the device name and MAC address. You can find your device’s MAC address in the Setting Option of the device.

8. Now click on Turn Access Control On.

9. You are done. Now only the Selected device will access to your wifi Network.

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