Fix Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ in Google Search Console Tool 2018


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9 Responses

  1. how to solve it in All in One SEO plugin??

    • AMAN SINGH says:

      Navigate to the affected page and scroll to the All in One SEO Pack section then uncheck the NOINDEX this page/post and NOFOLLOW this page/post box. After that click on Fetch as Google.

  2. My Google search console result is showing Excluded Pages 2.68K, Errors 0, Valid Pages 1.14K, and Valid Pages with Warnings 1, is this report good?

  3. kamran says:

    Very informative article bro. I have got my first email from Google in this regard today. I have already fixed it in Yoast as you suggested but I have another issue. Fetch as google is not working and my xml sitemap is also not working. It says
    Error loading stylesheet: An unknown error has occurred
    What should I do? Thank you

    • AMAN SINGH says:

      Did you try another browser? or clear cache and cookies and try again?
      & for sitemap Enter the URL without “www” and check, the sitemap will load well.

  4. deval says:

    i solve this problem thank u

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