How to Generate more traffic using Facebook

In today’s post, we will learn how to generate more traffic to your blog using Facebook. If you just started your new blog and want to increase blog traffic, then Facebook can be the best choice for it.

facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site and every day 147 million people are logged in, so you can estimate how many people can access your blog through facebook.

How to generate more traffic to your blog using Facebook

How to Generate more traffic using Facebook

So let us know how to generate more traffic to your blog through Facebook……….

Create a Facebook fan page

First, create your facebook fan page so that people can follow your blog via facebook page and when you share your new post on your page then your follower will get it.

Ways to Increase Likes on Facebook Page
  • Invite your friends to like your page.
  • Add facebook like box to your blog so that visitors can like your page directly from your blog.
  • Publish a post that will become viral on Facebook.
  • Make the interesting introduction of your page, So user likes your facebook page.
Share in Facebook Groups

There are millions of groups on Facebook that have millions of members. Through Facebook groups, you can reach your post as many people as possible and increase website traffic free. For this, join more and more Groups related to your blog’s niche and share all your posts with the link in it. With more members in the group, you can get more visitors to your blog.

Add Social Share Buttons

Add Social Share Buttons in Every Blog post so that visitors can share your posts directly on the social site. Doing this will generate more traffic to your blog.

Run Facebook Advert

If you want to speed up your website traffic then you can spend money. For this, you can run Facebook advert. Through Advert, you can promote your blog on Facebook and generate more website traffic. facebook will promote your blog to those people through which you can boost traffic to your website.

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