How To Get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers on YouTube videos

How To Get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers on YouTube videos

YouTube again made a big blow to YouTubers by making changes to YouTube Partner Program policy. This change will apply on 20th February 2018 to the existing monetized channel. This YouTube Partner Program policy will affect those channels that do not have 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers but Monetization is enabled. Under 2018 YouTube new Monetization policy Ads will be displayed only on those channels, which will Get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers in the last 12 months. Otherwise, monetization will be disabled from your channel. In this article, we will tell you the easiest way to get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers. So that you can get 4,000 hours watch time / 1000 subscribers on YouTube videos.

Reason to changes in YouTube Partner Program policy

YouTube has changed the YouTube Partner Program (Monetization Policy) to remove bad creators. Earlier, making money on YouTube was very easy and any person started uploading videos by creating a YouTube account, Whether the video is useful or not. After that, they started making money by enabling monetization. That’s why many unnecessary videos were stored on YouTube. Keeping this in mind, YouTube updated the YouTube Partner Program policy.

Due to a change in the YouTube Partner Program policy, there will be several channels whose monetization will be disabled and they will not be able to earn by their channel, and that is why they will stop uploading videos on YouTube.

How to get Monetization approved

Now, you have to get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers in 12 months and also follow Youtube Policies and Community Guidelines to get YouTube Monetization approved. Otherwise, monetization will not be approved on your channel.

How To Get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

There will be many users who are thinking that it is difficult to get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers within a month, but it is not so. You can easily get it, firstly analyze how much 4000 Hour Watch Time.

Suppose you make a 10 minute quality full and interesting video and your video gets 5 minutes of watch time by 50,000 people, your watch time will be 2,50,000 minutes (4166 hours).

If you find it difficult to get 50,000 views from a video, then you create 10 interesting videos and target 10,000 views and 5 minutes watch time for each video.

But we all know it is very difficult to get 50,000 or 10,000 views on a new YouTube channel. Therefore, we will share some tricks that you can easily get views on your video.

So let’s start…….

1. Create trending videos to related your channel, before other YouTubers. Trending means the thing which is going on in the discussion.

2. If you know big Youtuber, you can create a video by collaborating and can also use their Title tag. With this, their fans will come to your channel and watch the video so that both your views and watch times will increase.

3. You have seen many reaction channels on Youtube that are getting good views by creating a reaction video about another channel. You can also get good views by creating a reaction video about another popular channel like them. Remember one thing, do not put false accusations on any other channel. If you impose false accusations, then your channel can be banned or he can copyright on you.

4. Create a funny video for your channel, because funny video likes everyone. Apart from this, you can create Vlog and many people also like Vlog video but your vlog should be interesting.

5. Share your videos as much as possible on a social media site. This will not make a problem for Youtube. Youtube will now focus on watch times. But there should be watch times with views on your videos otherwise your video view will be useless.

6. If you know any big Youtuber, then request them to share your videos on the Community Tab. This allows you to get great views and watch time on your video.

7. Use the card, annotations in your video and create a feature slot and playlist of your video.

8. You can also promote your videos through Google Adwords but your video should be interesting otherwise your money will drop. If you promote videos through Google AdWords, it will take money on every view even if watch time comes to your video or not. Therefore, we would recommend that you do not use this tactic.

How to get Subscribers on your YouTube channel

If you get so many views and watch time on your video, according to the subscriber ratio, you will automatically exceed 1000 subscribers. You do not have to worry about it.

If you use any illegal tactic to get views and Subscribers on your video, then views and watch time will be reduced at the time of review, and your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program.

These were some tricks that can help to get 4000 Hour Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers on your YouTube. You can comment on any questions or suggestions related to this article.

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