How to get quality Backlinks from commenting to Increase Website Ranking

How to get quality Backlinks from commenting to Increase Website Ranking

You will already know, if you have quality Backlinks on your site then you will be able to get top ranking in the search engines. But making high PR backlinks is not easy. For this, you have to use many tactics such as guest post, link exchange or cash etc. Today in this article we will tell you how to get backlinks from commenting.

What are Backlinks

blog commenting is a part of SEO that comes in off-page SEO Techniques.

Comment backlink means getting do follow links to your site by commenting on another site. Quality Backlinks are very important to Improve our website Search Ranking because on the basis of Backlinks, Search Engine checks the Authority of any website and provides the top rank in the search result. Backlinks are those links that connect other web pages to your WebPage and it is also necessary to create Quality Backlinks for a new website or blog to rank in Search engines.

But to get backlinks, always comment on the high PR website because High-Quality Backlinks are much more effective than any Normal Backlink.

Now let’s start how to create high PR Backlinks from blog commenting to improve blog/website SEO…!

How To Get Backlinks From Comment To Increase Your Website Rank

Do you know, you can get dofollow backlinks by blog commenting and boost your Search Engine Ranking.

Commenting on other blog posts is also a great way to get quality backlinks but keep in mind that the blog supports Do-Follow Links.

So let’s start how to get quality backlinks…..

If you want to get backlinks From Commenting to Increase Your Website Rank, then search keyword on Google Like”SEO optimization” then Comment on those top 10 sites that are open on the first page in search results. If you use the spammy method to comment, then it will be rejected.

How many types of comment backlinks

1. Simple Comment Backlinks – it is the most common method to get backlinks from comment. In this, your backlink is associated with your name and it is inbuilt in all website.

2. Anchor Text Comment backlinks – There are some sites that provide the option to use HTML tags in the comment box for readers. Through which blogger can put a link to the site on anchor text.

3. Commentluv Comment Backlinks – There are many bloggers who use the plugin for the comment box on their site. It attracts readers for comment. It is beneficial for both the blog owner and who is commenting.

High-quality backlinks Helps to boost blog ranking?

It depends on you,  How to create backlinks & What type of website are you commenting on!

If you comment on the high PR website, you will get high quality backlinks and if you comment on the low-quality website then you will get low-quality backlinks which will take a lot of time to rank your blog.

So always comment on the quality website So that the website ranking increases fast.

And if you comment on the spammy website or Illegal tactic to create backlinks then your blog can also be penalized.

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  1. Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new or old website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will make sure your backlink graph remains constant or go up with time.

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