How to Get Google Adsense Approval : Apply to Google

How to Get Google Adsense Approval : Apply to Google

If you want to earn online income from home and have 2000 daily traffic on your website then AdSense is the best ad network platform through which you can monetize your website and earn up to 5 dollars on 2000 visitor. It is very easy to create AdSense account but to Get Google Adsense Approval is very difficult.

And to get approved Adsense account is very difficult in an Asian country such as India, Pakistan, China, etc…Because they use Black Hat SEO or paid traffic. This trick generates blog traffic but Adsense account gets disapproved.

So I recommend that if you want to make money with Google for a long time, then avoid Black Hat SEO and spamming. And stay away from those things that are harmful to your blog and Adsense account.

Before knowing about How to Get Google Adsense Approval, we know what is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense account is an ad network company which started on 18 June 2003. In it, you have to copy the Adsense code to your site, which shows ads on your site and when someone clicks on Google Adsense ads, Google Adsense program pays for that click.

We can get AdSense account approval with the help of three things.

YouTube Video
Blogger (Blogspot)

But today we will learn How to Get Google Adsense Approval from website or blog.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Apply to Google

If you want to Adsense account approval, then Read this tutorial completely.

1. Create important page

At first, create three pages on your site.

  • About us: Write about your site and yourself, from which visitor and Google can better understand about your site.
  • Contact us: Create contact us page on your website and use your professional email id.
  • Privacy Policy: In the privacy-policy page, you can write your site’s policy, what you use on your site, and which company’s ads you use, you can write all this information on this page.

We create this three pages so that Google knows that we are serious in our work and our site is a professional site.

2. Avoid cut, copy, paste

Never use cut, copy, paste tactic in your site, you will not be able to get Adsense account approval and your website will also become useless. Means never use copy content in your blog.

3. Content length

To get Adsense account approval, we write 300 words in our articles and apply for Google Adsense and our Adsense account application was also approved. But in today’s time, Google has become much more strict and does not approve your application quickly and content is a major point for approval. So write meaningful articles with at least 800+ word. And this will increase your site traffic.

4. Images

An image also plays an important role Google Adsense approval for your sites. Do not forget to use “alt tags” in your images because Google does not read image, it reads your image via alt tag.

Do not use the copyright image. Because you may have trouble in later. So use your own image. Do not use the “Adult / Porn” image on your site because Google never accepts “porn site”.

5. Responsive Design

To get Google Adsense approval the Design of your sites should be simple and responsive. And the page navigation should be used properly on your site So that visitors and Google bot can easily navigate your page. Along with this do not add more widgets to your site just add useful information.

6. Submit XML Sitemap

Create your blog’s XML-sitemap and submit it to “Google, Bing, Yahoo” so that all the pages of your site and post are easily indexed and Google Adsense account can better understand your site.

7. Remove other company ads

When you apply for Adsense account, do not use another ad network company on your blog. By the way, We can use Infolinks, Chitika ads and Google Adsense ads together, but when you apply to Google Adsense, Remove all ad server companies.

8. Website age, traffic, and post 

  • Website age: According to the Adsense policy, their policy states that your website or blog should be at least 6 months old for Google Adsense verification.
  • Post: How many posts will require to apply for Adsense? 50, 100 or 150 posts?

No… can apply for Google Adsense account with 10 posts. But your content quality should be useful and 1000 words.

  • Traffic: traffic is an essential thing for Google Adsense program. if Adsense is active on your site and there is no traffic then Adsense is useless for you. along with this, your site should have organic traffic that comes from search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. and your site traffic should be 250/daily. the Alexa rank should be below than 10,00,000.


These are some great points to Get Google Adsense Approval…..

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