How to optimize Blog for Search engines by Google Webmaster tools

How to optimize Blog for Search engines by Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service from Google that makes it easy for a website owner or developer to optimize your website for Google Search.

It provides complete stats of your website in search engines like Google.

Webmaster tools offer many tools through which you can improve search engine ranking to your blog. In blogging you cannot achieve anything at night, it takes weeks and months to get the proper search engine ranking.

In this post, we will Discuss Best Free SEO Tool (Google Webmaster tools), with its help you can Optimize your blog for search engines.

Let’s go ahead, How to optimize blog for organic search

Make your Blog web search engines friendly using Google Webmaster tools

Here we are going to share some search engine optimization tips from which you can optimize your blog for all search engines.

1. Webmaster Settings

If your blog is for a single country then set a certain Geographical location (international targeting) for your site. In this way, you can get more traffic from that specific country on your blog.

For example, if there is a blog for India Fashion, then that blog should be targeted in India.

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if you want to target your blog globally then leave it. You can also set your blog domain www and without www using Google webmaster tools.

2. Submit sitemap to google

This is the first aspect after creating a blog. First, generate a Sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google console search. This helps Google Bots and Crawler to crawl your website. With its help, you can also see the stats of index links in search engines.

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If you have not submit sitemap to google, then Do now.

3. keywords

Ranking for the right keyword is much more important than ranking for the wrong keyword. If your blog is about Animals, then you will be ranked for keywords like Tiger and Lion and you will be on the first page. When Google Webmaster Keyword Tool Crawl your website and determining the keywords, that keyword you can see here.

4. Search Analytics

In this section, we can see Top Ranking Keywords for your blog. Google Webmaster Tool’s Search Queries feature shows you which keywords have been ranked for you in Google search engines. to maintain this ranking you can use SEO Smart Link WordPress Plugin. In this way, you can improve your Search Engine ranking.

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5. Site Links

Site links are the pages of your website that Google considers to be useful. Sometimes Google uses less useful posts and pages disclaimer and privacy policy as Site links. In this situation, you can use this feature and block unwanted site links.

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