How to Disable Gutenberg and Revert Back to WordPress Classic Editor

How to Disable Gutenberg and Revert Back to WordPress Classic Editor

Do you want to disable Gutenberg and revert back to the WordPress classic editor?

Gutenberg is specially developed to enhance the WordPress editor experience. Its main goal is to make a new post and page editing experience easy with rich post layouts. Although there are many WordPress users who find it difficult to use Gutenberg and want to Revert Back to Classic Editor.

Today in this article we will discuss how to easily disable Gutenberg and keep the classic editor.

What is Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a modern upcoming WordPress editor. It will be the default WordPress editor into WordPress Core version 5.0. Its main goal is to improve WordPress writing experience.

This is exactly like a page builder plugin which allows drag and drop in the post and page.

It comes with more flexible options that allow creating unique layouts for their content with rich multimedia content.

If you want to try out Gutenberg in your WordPress site, then the WordPress team has added the Gutenberg plugin which you can use and enjoy the Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

How to Disable Gutenberg

How to Disable Gutenberg

Gutenberg could not achieve much success. Many people believe that Gutenberg is very hard to use. And you can guess this by rating (2.3 out of 5). Currently, there are 681 one-star ratings and 288 five-star ratings.

However, the WordPress Core Team is still taking steps to make Gutenberg the default editor. This step has worried many users and they want to have an option to disable Gutenberg and revert back to the WordPress classic editor.

Thankfully, the WordPress Core Team has created a Classic Editor plugin for disabling Gutenberg, which allows you to do this.

Using it, you can easily replace the Gutenberg WordPress Editor with a classic editor easily.

So, let’s get started

First, install and activate the Classic Editor plugin in your site. The plugin works out of the box.

After activating plugin will automatically disable Gutenberg and revert back to the WordPress classic editor.

The best thing about this plugin, it gives you the option to keep both Gutenberg and Classic editor at the same time.

Simply go to the Settings >> Writing section. Here you will see the option of Classic editor settings. If you select the second checkbox “Use the Gutenberg editor by default and include optional links back to the Classic editor”, the plugin will add the Classic Editor option under Posts menu.

How to Disable Gutenberg

Apart from this, you can edit old articles using the classic editor. Just click on Posts >> All Posts, here you’ll see an Edit (Classic) link below posts.

How to Disable Gutenberg

I hope this post has helped you to disable Gutenberg editor. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share!

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