Hueman WordPress theme review

Hueman WordPress theme review

Today in this article we will discuss Hueman WordPress theme. The Hueman theme is the most popular responsive magazine WordPress theme with 80,000+ active installations in WordPress theme directory. With this theme, you can create a modern web design for your website or blog. Customization of the Hueman theme is also very easy and you can customize it according to your site’s requirement. In this article, we will discuss the review of the Hueman WordPress theme, which will help you to know it is right for your blog or website or not.

Hueman WordPress theme review

Hueman theme

Hueman theme is High rated and best responsive magazine theme in WordPress theme directory. The Hueman theme has been created by Press Customizr, which is available in free and pro versions.

Click here to download Hueman WordPress theme.

Features of Hueman WordPress Theme

It is a free responsive magazine WordPress theme which provides flexibility to our website with more features.

  • 100% High resolution
  • SEO optimize
  • Cross-browser support
  • Ultra responsive
  • Flexible layout options
  • Share button
  • Website widget setting
  • Ultimate widget area
  • feature story slider
  • social links
  • Font selection option
  • Post Style Setup
  • Footer and header ads

Let’s understand its features in detail…..

100% High resolution

100% High Resolution means that when you activate the Hueman theme on your blog, your blog will appear with very sharpness on the Retina screen and high-resolution screen.

SEO optimize

This makes your blog search engine friendly by optimizing your blog. To improve your blog SEO, go to theme Customization section and click on Advanced Options >> Performances and SEO.

Hueman WordPress theme review

Cross-browser support

Your website or magazine blog is compatible with the new version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8, Opera browser.

Ultra responsive

Your blog will be responsive in any display whether it is a high-resolution display or low-resolution display.

Flexible layout options

Through this feature, you can set multiple layouts for homepage, blog page, single posts, etc. or set different layouts for each one.

  • full width no sidebars
  • 1 right sidebar
  • 2 right sidebars
  • 1 left sidebar
  • 2 left sidebars
  • left and right sidebar

For this, click on Appearance >> Customize >> Front Page Content, then choose your default layout.

Hueman WordPress theme review

Share button

It allows you to add the share button below each content and also count each share.

Social links

This allows you to add your social profile to the site header and footer and you can also customize their color.

Font selection option

In this feature, you can make your blog look good by choosing a nice unique font for your blog. These Fonts are supplied by Google Fonts.

Footer and header ads

You can display any ads in your blog’s footer and header to earn money.

Post Style Setup

You can display your blog post in Standard list or Grid style to visitors, as you wish.

Our opinion

Hueman a nice free magazine template offers us the modern design. Its customization is also easy and it can be customized according to your requirement. There are so many customization options available to give your site a different look.

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