How to increase Google Adsense Income

How to increase Google Adsense Income

Do you want to increase Google Adsense Income on your blog? Nowadays many bloggers make money online with Google Adsense from their blog. Some bloggers earn much more from Google Adsense account, having low Website Traffic, while some bloggers find good traffic on the website, but their Google Adsense income is very low. Because Google Adsense income depends on CPC and CTR. Therefore, you should always pay attention to your CPC and CTR.

If your Adsense CPC and CTR are high, then your Google ADS earning will be more. There are some best techniques to increase CPC and CTR through which you can increase Adsense earnings. But before proceeding, we will know what is CPC in Adsense.

what is CPC

This is a calculation which shows Per-Click on Ads of Google Adsense Advertisers. CPC depends on many factors like Blog’s Niche, Region of Visitors and Blog Quality.

What is CTR

Full form of CTR is Click-Through-Rate. How many percents of visitors have clicked on your ads, this is your click-through rate.

For example, if 1000 visitor sees an Adsense ad advertisement on your blog and 15 visitors click on it then your CTR will be 1.5%.

How to Increase Google Adsense Income?

How to increase Google Adsense Income

To increase Google Adsense income, you must first increase your site’s traffic. The more people read your blog, you can get more clicks on Google Adsense ads through which you can increase Google Adsense blog earnings. However, sometimes more traffic blogs earn less money than fewer traffic blogs because their CPC and CTR are low.

If this is the case with you, then you can increase your CPC and CTR by following these excellent techniques and increase Google Adsense Income.

1. Google AdSense ad sizes

Adsense ad sizes and Location have a great impact on CPC and CTR of Google Adsense. So, always place ads below the post title, initial and middle part of Post. Most people do not read the entire post and CTR is low for Bottom ADS. So use the good ad size on your blog. The Best Size of Adsense Ads is 728×90, 480 × 60, 300 × 250, 160 × 600 etc. to increase Adsense earnings.

2. Type and Color of Google Adsense Ads

There are many types of ads available on Google Adsense like Image Ads, Text Ads, and Link Ads. You should choose both text and image ads for your blog to increase Google Adsense Income. Also, you can set Color of Ads according to your blog’s Color. For example, if your blog’s background color is white, then your Google Adsense ad’s background should be white. But if you want to choose any other color then you choose.

3. Google ads Category Blocking

In Google Adsense, you can find out which category of ads is paying less money for you?

Sometimes it happens that there are more impressions in a category, but CTR and CPC are very low then you can block it, the blocking category has a positive effect on CTR and CPC.

4. Increase Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the Traffic that comes directly from Search Engine. Google Adsense income highly depends on CPC, Organic Traffic, and Traffic Region. To increase organic traffic, you should use keywords and Long-tail keywords in your blog post. Along with India, you also try to add USA Traffic to your blog because USA’s CPC is very high. CTR is also significantly increased by Organic Traffic.

5. Add Google Search Box

Add a Google search box to your blog. Whenever a visitor searches through it, it shows ads with search results on which a visitor can click. Through which you can get high CTR and increase Adsense revenue.

6. Blog Performance

Your blog’s performance also influences your CTR and CPC. If your website is slow, then there is a negative impact on your blog traffic. you can also read this article to improve website speed. Along with this, you should use good web hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator. To speed up your website loading, select Fast and Responsive Theme and use a Cache Plugin like W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache. A fast website increases traffic to your blog and reduces load-time. Which helps to get high CTR and increase Google Adsense Income.

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