Important things to know before join Affiliate Program

Important things to know before join Affiliate Program

There are several ways to join Affiliate Program. You can connect with many affiliate programs on one affiliate marketplace. Here ara some top affiliate websites  Commission JunctionShareASaleImpactRadius, etc.

Affiliate Program

When bloggers join affiliate program then they need to know one thing that they pay on time or not.

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There are lots of resources and efforts to connect to affiliate programs and promote a product. There is always a thought in it that you might not get money. To avoid this thing and Before promoting any product, take care of the main points given below.

keep in mind before join Affiliate Program

1. Payout Method

When you promote a product and you earn 5000rs. but you can not get it, how would you feel? It has happened to many affiliate marketers. The reason for this is that there is no acceptable payout method for your country in that program. Assure that affiliate network and program have an acceptable payout method for your country.

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If there is no acceptable payout method for your country, you can talk to affiliate network manager. They can help you.

Here are some popular ways that you can get paid for affiliate marketing :

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Direct bank deposit

2. Minimum Payout

This is the most common and major reason that many new affiliate marketers leave affiliate marketing. Most affiliate programs have a Minimum Payout threshold of $ 50, which means you can withdraw that money when you earn at least $ 50. If you have not earned Minimum Payout then you will not be paid. Many marketer work hard and a lot of money spent for promotions but they can not earn, then they feel that they have been cheated.

It is a mistake of marketers, because they will never check Minimum Payout before joining affiliate link. So, you must check out the payout threshold.

3 Product credentials and reputation

In this many people have made millions and some have cheated. According to me it is the affiliate marketer’s mistake. They do not check their reputation before join Affiliate Program.

Many affiliate programs offer much commission but Do not pay at the time of payment.

So if you want to earn properly, check out thier reputation before joining any affiliate program.

I have created a list of some top affiliate program, where you can apply now without fear :

You have complete freedom in affiliate marketing. if any user purchases through my affiliate link, I will get a commission. But some affiliate programs take advantage of new affiliate marketers. They do not give them some offers like that,

  • Commission on other product
  • Standard cookie length (30-60 days)

that’s all……

When you join the affiliate program, these points will help you avoid cheating.

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