How to make WordPress site SEO friendly

How to make WordPress site SEO friendly

If you are not getting good traffic even after writing a good article on your blog, then read this article. We will guide how to make SEO friendly website on WordPress. it is the best blogging platform for blogging and you can easily make your WordPress site SEO-friendly.

So, let’s start this WordPress SEO tutorial…..

How to make your WordPress site SEO-friendly

1. Customize the permalink structure

The URL of your blog posts is called Permalink structure. WordPress default permalink is not SEO friendly. WordPress default permalink looks something like this,

But do not worry, WordPress has added new permalink options in its latest version and allows to set up SEO friendly permalink. For WordPress SEO friendly permalink structure, Click on the settings >> permalinks option and Select the “Post name” for your blog.

You can see the screenshot below,

How to make SEO friendly website in WordPress

If you have been using WordPress default permalink, then you can change it now. If your site is too old then leave it, and if you do so your site will show 404 error.

2. Make SEO Friendly Articles

This is the most important point. To make your blog post search engine optimize, Use your target keywords in the title, permalinks, and subheadings of the post and along with this use the focus keyword in the first and last paragraph of your post. This trick will help to improve your rank in search engines.

3. Use the SEO Plugin

If you want to make SEO friendly website on WordPress, then first install a best SEO WordPress plugin on your blog and the best SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO plugin.

You can easily download it from your WordPress plugin library on your blog and it comes with both free and paid versions.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best SEO plugin. In addition to installing this SEO plugin, you need to change something else in your WordPress site.

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4. Images optimization

Images also play an important role in a complete SEO-optimized article, and often new bloggers ignore it, but it is a very important part of SEO.

In images optimization, add a related image to the topic and use the target keyword in ALT Tag. And one thing to keep in mind is that the image size should not be bigger.

Along with this, you can also use plugin for image optimization.

5. WordPress website speed

Your website load time is a very important factor in the search engine ranking and If the loading time of your WordPress site is slow then this can impact your search engine ranking. So the blog’s page speed loading time is a very important thing. also, read this articles given below…

One of the main reasons for slow loading, you use bad hosting. If you are a WordPress blogger, then you can solve it by installing WordPress plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 total cache. it is the best WordPress plugins to optimize website speed for search engines ranking

However, there are many plugins in WordPress that help enhance your blog’s loading speed.

If you use the right plugin on your blog, the loading speed of your WordPress blog will also be faster and SEO of your blog will also be very strong.

Along with this you also clean unused items on your WordPress site from time to time

6. Interlinking

In simple words, adding links to old posts in new articles is called interlinking. This interlinking boosts your SEO and your site bounce is also decrease and your pageviews also increase.

7. Use Heading tags

Use heading tags while writing your article. But Keep in mind, Your post title is h1 tag so do not use Heading 1 again in your post. You can use 3 subheadings (h2) and there are no special rules for h3 tags. You can use the h3 tag 4-5 times in your post.

These are some of the best SEO tips that you can use to make your WordPress site SEO-friendly and get good ranking on search engines.

Apart from these, you can use more tactic to make SEO friendly website on WordPress.

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