Pros and Cons of Free CloudFlare CDN

Today in this article, we will learn what is Cloudflare? Should it be used on our blog? and its Pros and Cons.

We can not deny this fact that Cloudflare free CDN is used by millions of website owners and bloggers. Its main purpose is to improve your website loading time and provide security. Earlier I wrote a lot of articles about Cloudflare on my blog. You can read by clicking on the link below.

Cloudflare is a CDN service that offers free services to small business blogs with security. If you are planning to use Cloudflare or have a new user, then you are in the right place. I hope you have read above what is Cloudflare CDN.

Now we will talk directly to Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloudflare CDN…..

What are Pros and Cons of using Cloudflare free CDN

CDN is used to improve the loading time and performance of any website. According to Google, when a website loads fast in search engines then search ranking of that website will be improved. Fast loading sites ranking is better than a slow site.

Here we will tell you about CloudFlare CDN’s Pros and Cons, which will help you know that this is right for your blog. On the internet, you will find many CDN services such as keyCDN and MaxCDN etc. But all those Cloudflare CDN is the best for online small business.

Advantage of using Cloudflare

Cloudflare does not only improve the performance of the site but also protects your site or blog from DDoS attack. So, let’s start……

1. Free CDN

It’s a free CDN that gets easily integrated with your blog or website. When you enable CDN on your blog or website, Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) and Service according to its location.

Using CloudFlare CDN, you can increase your blog’s loading speed up to 50%.

2. Minification

It minifies unwanted files from your website or blog that does not need your blog.

Cloudflare minimizes the size of the web page by removing unnecessary files and the webpage becomes faster than ever.

To Improve the loading speed of your website, click on the Speed tab and enable CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

3. Free SSL

Cloudflare offers free SSL certificates for your blog or website.

If you are running a small business then you can take advantage of Cloudflare’s free SSL certificate. You do not have to pay for this, it offers a free flexible SSL certificate for the lifetime.

SSL is also one of top SEO ranking factors.

If you use the Https certificate on your blog or website, then your search engine ranking will improve.

4. DNS propagation

When you change the hosting, you do not wait for DNS propagation. Go to your Cloudflare Dashboard, and change your server’s IP address. By doing this your Domain Name will immediately start pointing to Host.

5. Saves Bandwidth

Cloudflare scans spam traffic and saves your bandwidth. This is also a great benefit of using Cloudflare.

Many people say that their traffic decreased when they started using Cloudflare. The main reason for this is that visitors who were accessing your website were using your website or blog in a spamming manner.

Therefore Cloudflare blocked those users and your traffic decreased.

6. Image Optimization

You can reduce image size by 60% with the help of Cloudflare. If you use a lot of images on your blog, you can optimize your image using the Polish feature of Cloudflare.

But if you want to use the Cloudflare polish feature then you have to upgrade from free to paid plan.

7. Accelerated Mobile Links

Enable Accelerated Mobile Links to enhance your mobile visitor’s experience for external content. Accelerated Mobile Links allow your users to open external AMP links from your website in AMP. AMP makes your website’s mobile experience at least three times faster than normal.

8. Performance and Protection

Cdn makes your site 200% fast, and Cloudflare is a CDN that provides security with improving your blog performance. And this is essential for any online business (small and big).

Cloudflare protects your website with things like DDOS attack, SQL injection, comment spam and makes a safe environment for your website.

Disadvantages of using Cloudflare

1. Some Bug in SSL certificate

We all know that setup of Cloudflare free SSL is very easy and beginners can also easily install on their blog or website but sometimes there is a problem in it and even after fixing does not work properly.

2. No Live Chat

Cloudflare does not support live chat and many times they respond to your mail within 1-2 business days. Most CDN support live chat but Cloudflare does not support live chat.

This is the drawbacks of Cloudflare. Apart from this, Cloudflare works super on your blog.

Final Thought

Cloudflare setup is very easy and you can easily setup it on your blog or website. It works better than other cache plugins.

When you install Cloudflare CDN in your website or blog, it always saves your website with spam items, I use the free plan of Cloudflare and also I will recommend its free plan.

You can comment on any questions or suggestions related to this article.

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