Pros And Cons of using SSL Certificate

If you use SSL certificate (HTTPS) on your site and want to know the advantages and disadvantages of SSL certificate, read this article. Here we share Pros And Cons of using SSL Certificate.

Google announced in 2014 that the HTTPS certificate would be considered as a major factor in the top SEO ranking factor. Using https certificate, you can easily increase your search ranking and website ranking easily.

When a website owner or blogger is asked to enable SSL security, the first thing that comes to mind, what are the advantages and disadvantages of SSL certificate. Many bloggers and website owners are afraid to install it on their blog that SSL does not affect their website traffic or break.

When you run an online business website, SSL security is the most important for you.

What is SSL Certificate

SSL full form is Secure Socket Layer, and it is an encryption protocol, which keeps your Site or Blog data safe from hackers. If you do not use SSL Certificate on your site, hackers can easily steal the credit and debit information used on your site.

When SSL is activated on your site then open your site in the browser with a Green lock icon, if there is a lock icon, then your site is secured by SSL protocol and if not then Your Site is not Secure and we need an SSL security.

Now let us come to our topic What is Pros And Cons of implementing SSL / HTTPS certificate.

Pros And Cons of using SSL Certificate

The biggest benefit of the SSL certificate is that your website data is safe from hackers. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of using HTTPS Certificate which we are going to tell you here.

Advantages of SSL Certificate

1. Prevent Hacking

SSL certificate keeps username, password, account details, Credit / Debit cards and other personal information safe from hackers on your website.

There are many levels of encryption. you should at least 128-bit SSL certificate to accept Credit / Debit cards.

In simple word, HTTPS certificate protects sensitive data between client and server.

2. Improve Search Ranking

If you install SSL certificate in your blog, then your search ranking improves.

Google has also announced that HTTPS will consider as an important factor in SEO Ranking Factors. Using HTTPS certificate, you can easily increase your search ranking and website SEO.

Google has also added the https feature for the blogger custom domain and in the coming time, SSL certificates will be very important for any website.

3. Improve Trust

If you enable SSL security authentication on your site, then visitors will trust your site. Most visitors are afraid to use their Credit / Debit cards information or make online transactions on HTTP sites.

If you are running an eCommerce site, you should install SSL on your site to protects sensitive data between client and server. HTTP sites are considered more trustworthy than HTTP site, apart from this we have already told you Https sites rank well in search engine.

Disadvantages of SSL Certificate

1. Money Cost

If you want to install https certificate on your blog then you have to spend money for it. However, if you have a content share blog, you can get a free SSL certificate. You can take advantage of Free SSL protocol by Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare.

If you are running an eCommerce site, you should install paid SSL certificate on your site.

2. Traffic and Search Ranking

If you make a mistake in installing SSL certificate on your site, your search ranking and traffic are severely affected.

But new blogger always faces this problem when they move their site to https, their website traffic is greatly reduced. So after understanding it well, redirect your site to https.

3. Mixed Modes

When you install an SSL certificate on your site, your web page shows insecure content after opening in Browser.

Due to which many visitors are scared that these sites are not safe for them and their computer or mobile will be affected by the virus. They will quickly exit your site and your website traffic will decrease gradually.

Final Thought

If you are thinking that SSL security is right for your blog or not. So We tell you, SSL certificate is right for your blog or website.

We have already told you that SSL certificate is considered the major factor in the search engine ranking and Google has also said in an update. But if you do not set up it properly on your website or blog then it will badly affect your website traffic and Search engine rankings.

If you want to keep your website traffic good in the future, then enable SSL encryption on your blog.

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