How to Protect Your Domain Name from Hackers

How to Protect Your Domain Name from Hackers

Today in this article we tell you How to keep your Domain Name safe from Hackers because the domain name and website being hacked every day and you will not want to waste your years in one stroke.

Domain Name Protection is a feature that Adds an Extra Security Layer to Domain Protection. This prevents unauthorized transfer of Domain Name.

We come directly to the topic that How to keep your Domain Name safe from Hackers…..

If you know that what are ways to hack domain names that often use hackers, you can easily prevent hacking your domain name.

How to keep your Domain Name safe from Hackers

Here are some simple steps which will help you to protect your domain name from hacking.

1. Lock-up your Domain

Ask your domain name registrar to keep your domain name in the registrar lock. Registration Information and DNS Configuration cannot change until the Domain Name is unlocked from Registrar Lock.

This will make it impossible to change your domain’s information and DNS configuration. If you want to make any changes to the domain name, you have to unlock it first.

If the Registrar supports EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), then it adds Second Lock to the domain. This is called AuthInfo (Authorization Information). After EPP is activated in the Domain Control Panel, if you enter a Transfer Request for a Domain, then Registrar will send AuthInfo to 5 days. Which you will need to enter in the Destination Registrar’s Domain Control Panel, after matching AuthInfo, Destination Registrar will accept your Domain Transfer Request.

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In such a case, You should set up unique authorization information for all domains name and it is unique. If for some reason authInfo code is broken, then only one domain name comes in danger.

2. Carefully choose your registrar

Do not buy your domain name from any Domain registrar.

Always Purchase Domain Name from Reputed Registrar who will be Involve in the Domain Selling Business from a Long Time and ensure that wherever you are purchasing a domain name, it is reliable and has been in this business for a long time.

When you buy a domain name from a registrar, you should also check the company’s quality services and support along with the price.

The Domain Registrar offers 24X7 via Phone and Email Support.

Registrar should also have a system that informs you about your pending domain transfer and when the domain moves. Ensures that your domain is not transferred without your knowledge and permission.

If registrar provides two-step verification service, then it is a great thing.

[Note: GoDaddy is always a great choice to protect your Domain Name from hackers].

3. Keep your domain name registration information private

You must protect your domain name’s information and should not give your login details to any stranger and not any other person such as a webmaster or a web developer. You should change your account details when a person leaves your organization.

Do not use your contact email address as your username because hijackers will easily guess your account name. Instead, create a different username that does not match your contact email.

4. Don’t Access Directly from Mail

Have you heard about phishing?

In this, Hackers send you a discount or special offer mail. To see this, when you log in to your Domain Control Panel, your login credentials go to Hacker via that link. But, You can not sign in to your account.

So do not log in your Domain Control Panel from Email Link. Whenever you need to login to the Domain Control Panel, enter the registrar URL in the address bar then log in.

If you log in through a phishing link, you will lose your access from your own account.

5. Change Credential Details Time to Time

Keep Changing Login Credentials (Password) from time to time and Always use Strong Password. for a Strong Password use upper case, lower case, numbers, and special character Combinations.

Never share login password with anyone. If you share with anyone, then definitely change after work.

Don’t use common names, dictionary words, birth dates, anniversary dates etc. Hackers can easily guess them.

6. Keep your domain name separate from your hosting account

Many domain name owners make this mistake and take the domain name and hosting from the same company and host their site. If hacker also hacks anyone, then your domain name and hosting both are hacked and you can not do anything.

Keep Separate both Domain and Hosting. If you take from one Service Provider then work with two separate mail ids.

7. Enable Privacy

You must enable privacy ( Guard) for your domain name. Once you enable privacy, your details (name, email, address, phone number, etc. will not be visible to the public) you will able to protect your Domain Name from Hackers.

8. Provide accurate information

Enter your correct information when registering the domain name. So In Case of Emergency Your Domain Registrar can contact you immediately. If your Registrar gives the option of Emergency Email, then definitely fill it.

If you follow these steps, then you can protect your domain name from hackers.

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