6 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website in Search Engine Result Page

6 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website in Search Engine Result Page

In this article, we will tell you 6 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Improve Search Result. Search Engine Optimization helps to Increase blog traffic and Search engine ranking of your blog.

The most important thing in web optimization is keyword optimization. So when the visitor searches anything in search engines, your blog will appear in search results. If you are new to Blogging and SEO, then you need to know What is SEO and how it works.

So let’s start this Search engine optimization tutorial……

6 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Improve Search Result

1. Use Keywords in Title Tag

Title Tag plays important role in site optimization to get higher rank in Search Engines. So, always include low Competition and Long Tail Keywords in your title and Many SEO experts say to do this. Your Blog post title should be 65 Character with the keyword because Search Engine does not consider any other Character after 65 Character. But keep one thing in mind do not repeat keywords in your title, Otherwise, your website can be penalized.

2. Use Keywords in Heading tags

Heading tag is an important factor in on-Page optimization techniques. So use related keywords in all Headings tag to your blog post. With this manner, you will able to improve your search engine ranking and website traffic. Always use the H2 tag with the main keyword to your blog post.

3. Use keywords in Image Alt Tag

We can tell Thousand words through an image, but Search Engines Spiders can’t read Image. It reads Alt Tag to understand the text Description provided with Image. Therefore it is very important to use the main keyword in your images. In this way, you can improve website traffic by optimizing Image.

4. Internal Linking

This is the biggest Factor of SEO because we can reactivate and revitalize our Old Posts through Internal Linking. So always link your old post with your new posts.

5. Add your Website/Blog to Directories

Submit your post in Yahoo, DMOZ and other Content Listing Directories, if you are a Hindi Blogger then you should submit your content in Indian Directories such as Indiblogger and similar other Directories because This small aspect is quite helpful to improve blog ranking.

6. Use Meta Description

Search description (meta description) is a summary of the post which appears in the search result. Using meta description, You can add the main keyword to search description of your blog posts to make SEO friendly. We can write meta description in 160 words.

Using Meta Description in Blog is very effective according to OnPage SEO. By which you can increase your Blog Ranking in popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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