Best permalink structure for SEO in WordPress

Best permalink structure for SEO in WordPress

In this post we will know that, What is Best SEO Friendly Permalink structure and important Tips to Select the best permalink structure for SEO.

What is Permalink?

Permalink is the URL of your blog or web page and every post or page has a different permalink that is permanent and is never changed. For example,

What is the importance of permalink in SEO?

Basically, Permalink plays an important role in SEO because search engines follow your post’s title and permalink structure and in this way, Best SEO Friendly Permalink structure help to increase your blog’s SEO ranking.

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However, most new bloggers do not pay attention to Permalink structure and Later their blog ranking keeps down.

Permalink in WordPress

If you are on WordPress then there are several options for Permalink structure. But default, WordPress Permalink structure is


And these Permalink structures are not SEO friendly and not best permalink structure for SEO. So do not use these permalinks on your blog.

But most of the new bloggers do not know about permalink structure and they leave it default. in this way, they cannot properly optimize their blog.

WordPress offers many more permalink structures so that we can set up SEO Friendly Permalink for our blog. So, in this post, I will tell you which permalink structure is better for SEO and which permalink structure you should avoid.

You can see the permalink structures offered by WordPress,

Best SEO Friendly Permalink For WordPress site

The last structure is custom and you can choose any custom structure according to your own.

Best SEO Friendly Permalink For WordPress site

To Select best permalink structure for SEO, Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Permalink and select Post name Permalink structure.

Post name is the best SEO Friendly Permalink structure in WordPress to get higher ranking in search engine.

  • Post Name:

SEO Friendly Permalink

Many SEO experts suggest this is a Best SEO Friendly Permalink structure because it is search engine friendly and anyone can read it easily. This structure is short, looks better and makes your On-page SEO score better.

But Many bloggers recommend category structure

And it’s also right, but this structure will only be selected if your categories are short and limited.

But your blog has multiple and excessive categories, then this option is not suitable.

important Tips to Select Best SEO Friendly Permalink structure

  • Select Simple permalinks. (
  • Use the focus keyword in Permalink.
  • Permalinks must be less than 66 characters.
  • To make Best SEO Friendly Permalink use dashes (-) in it.
  • Do not change permalink after publishing. If you do this for any reason, then make sure, 301 Redirect to the new URL from the old URL.
  • Remove Stop Words from Permalink

Should we choose www or non-www in these structures? Well, I usually include www in the post but if you want, you can choose without www.

Make sure your website or blog is redirected to a non-www URL at the www URL. It is very important. to

Do not worry, WordPress automates this work and we do not need manual redirection.

If you have any questions or suggestion about this best permalink structure for SEO, you can comment here.

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