How To Set Limit Comment Length In WordPress Site

How To Set Limit Comment Length In WordPress Site

Do you want to Set Limit Comment Length In WordPress Site? The Limit of Comment Length is set in WordPress blog because the short length or long-length comments are not useful for your site.

In this article, we will know how to Set Limit Comment Length in the WordPress site so that you can set the minimum and maximum comment length limit on your WordPress blog.

Why Set Limit Comment Length In WordPress Site?

When a visitor makes a one-word comment, it is usually not useful for you. In most cases, this is spam because visitors want to get backlink only from your site.

By setting the length limits of comment box in WordPress, you can improve the quality of your comments.

So let us see how to set WordPress Comment Length Limit…

Set up Comment Length using Plugin

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To modify the comment length, first you have to install and activate the “WordPress Comments Plugin – wpDiscuz” plugin. Click here to see 3 different ways of installing the WordPress plugin.

After activating the plugin, click on Comment >> settings. Then click on the General Settings tab and configure it according to the screenshot. You can Limit Comment Length according to your requirement.

How To Set Limit Comment Length In WordPress Site

After configuring the words length limit for comment, it will activate immediately on your site. Now when a visitor comments on your post, then he has written the words equal to the length of the comment. While writing the comment, it also counts the words in the comment box.

Do you use any method or plugin to modify the Limit Comment Length on your site, please share in the comment box?

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