How to Setup Google AMP pages step by step guide

How to Setup Google AMP pages step by step guide

AMP’s full name is the Accelerated mobile page. Google AMP improves loading speed on any mobile device, which also improves your website traffic. Today in this article we will learn how to Setup Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on WordPress site?

Do you know, if your websites take more than 3 seconds to open? Then it makes a bad impact on your site because many people will not wait for your website to open, They will leave your site immediately and you will lose traffic. So it is very important that you maintain the speed of your site. In this case, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP Google) can help you to improve your site speed. In this articles, we will talk about how to Setup Google AMP pages in WordPress?

What does Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) do?

The main purpose of Google AMP is to improve website’s loading speed on the mobile device. So that users can easily open fast on mobile to your website even on the slow network. Google AMP or Acceleration Mobile page greatly reduces the use of HTML and javascript.

In this post basically, we will learn How to Setup Google AMP pages on your WordPress site.

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google AMP is a plugin that helps to improve your website loading time.It displays a minimalist version instead of loading your entire mobile site.

The sites that use Google AMP, Google give also special mark in the search results. you can see in the screenshot below,

How to Setup Google AMP step by step guide

How to setup Google AMP on WordPress?

first of all, install Google AMP plugin on your WordPress blog, but you have to install 2 WordPress plugins and do some configurations. After that, you will be able to activate AMP functions on your WordPress site.

So let’s start How to Setup Google AMP pages…..

First, install and activate the official AMP WordPress plugin and Accelerated Mobile Pages on your blog…..

With the second plugin, you can customize the AMP pages.Just now you can customize your AMP pages according to your personal customization.

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When you install these two plugins, it will add AMP menu in the left panel of your WordPress Dashboard. Click on it. Here you have to do all the configurations.

How to Setup Google AMP step by step guide

Here I have also given screenshots of Google amp configuration. So that you can easily configure Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on your site.

  • AMP >> General

  • AMP >> Homepage

  • AMP >> single

  • AMP >> Design

  • AMP >> SEO

  • AMP >> Social

Do not forget to click on Save Changes button while doing the Configurations. In addition, you can also place ads in your AMP pages.

To check your Google AMP pages, simply place the amp after the URL of any page on your site. Such as :

Note: AMP pages have sometimes errors, for that reason Google does not index. So you can find those errors by using this tool.

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