How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin to secure WordPress site

How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin to secure WordPress site

Do you want to install and setup Wordfence security plugin to protect wordpress website?

Wordfence is a best free WordPress security plugin that helps to secure WordPress site and prevents from hacking. In this Wordfence tutorial, we will show you How To install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin to protect WordPress site.

How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin to secure WordPress site

What is Wordfence Security? How to protect WordPress website?

Wordfence plugin is a best WP security plugin (WordPress firewall plugin) for WordPress website, Which provides protection to your website such as hacking, malware, DDOS and brute force attacks.

It filters all traffic of your website and blocks suspicious requests.

It also known as WordPress malware removal plugin that scans all your changes like wordpress core files, themes, plugins, and upload folders. When a hacker puts a suspicious code in your site, it also helps to clean that file.

The basic plan of Wordfence is free, but it also comes with a premium version that gives you access to more advanced features such as country blocking, firewall rules updated in real time, scheduled scanning, etc.

Let’s see how to install and setup Wordfence security plugin for maximum website security.

How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin

First you have to install and activate Wordfence Security plugin To Setup Wordfence Security on your website.

After activation, the plugin will add a new menu item in your WordPress admin area. Clicking on it will take you to the settings of the plugin dashboard.

This page shows an overview of Wordfence security settings in your website and you will see security notifications and stats like recent IP blocking, failed login attempts, total attacks blocked etc.

Wordfence settings are divided into different sections. default settings will work for most websites, but you can also change them according to your needs.

Scanning Your WordPress Site Using Wordfence security plugin

Go to Wordfence >> Scan page and then click on the ‘Start a Wordfence Scan‘ button.

Wordfence will now start scanning your WordPress files. This scan will see WordPress core, changes in plugin files, suspicious codes, backdoors, malicious URLs and many types of infections.

After Scan is finished, Wordfence will show you results.

This Wordfence plugin will notify you if it receives any suspicious code, infections, malware, or corrupted files on your website. It will ask you to fix those issues, you can fix all those issues from this section.

Free Wordfence plugin automatically runs a full scan every 24 hours on your WordPress site. Wordfence Premium version allows to set scan schedule.

How To Set Up Wordfence Firewall

Go to Wordfence >> Firewall page and click the “Optimize Firewall” button.

Now, Wordfence will run some tests to detect your server configuration. If you know that your server configuration is different from the configuration selected by Wordfence, then you can select separately and Click on the “Continue” button.

Wordfence will ask you to download your current .htaccess file as a backup. Click the ‘Download .htaccess‘ button and after downloading the file, click the Continue button.

Wordfence security plugin will now update your .htaccess file. After that you will redirect to the firewall page, where you will now see your protection level as ‘Extended protection‘.

When you install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin at first time, you will see the ‘Learning Mode‘ button. But after one week it will automatically switch to ‘Enabled and Protecting‘ mode.

Monitoring and Blocking Suspicious Activity

Wordfence displays a log of all requests to your website. You can see it by going to Wordfence >> Live Traffic page. You can also block individual IPs or full networks from this page.

You can also block suspicious IPs manually by going to Wordfence >> Blocking page.

Advanced Settings and Tools in Wordfence security plugin

Wordfence is most powerful WordPress website security plugin and In this page you can turn on and off the features present in here, you can also enable or disable email notifications, scans and advanced settings.

By going to Wordfence »Tools page, you can run password audit to ensure that all users of your website are using strong passwords. You can also run whois-lookup to see suspicious IP addresses and diagnostics information.

Premium Edition Users can also setup 2-Step Authentication Login to strengthen login security on their websites.

I hope this article helped to learn How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin to secure WordPress site.

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