How to Speed up WordPress site using Cloudflare CDN Setup

How to Speed up WordPress site using Cloudflare CDN Setup

Do you want to speed up WordPress site?

If Yes…

Then read this article here, I’m going to tell you the Best way to improve website loading speed. Many newbies read articles on the internet to speed up WordPress site or ask other pro bloggers through comment how to increase website speed. But we’ll use a simple way to reduce loading time of website that is called CDN. Many New Bloggers do not know what is CDN & Why is it used on the website?

How to Speed up WordPress site using Cloudflare CDN Setup

The full form of the CDN is “Content Delivery Network” whose main task is to increase website loading speed. It does not replace your Web Hosting Account.

CDN is a network of many servers that Deliver content based on users’ geographic location.

Normally when User comes to your Blog Then it redirects you to your Web Host server and if your Host Server Locate in India then every user visits your website by India host server. Now if your website has High Traffic, then your server gets overload and your website starts to slow down or your server may crash. In this situation, the CDN handles it because it is a network of many servers.

When you use the CDN then it caches all your Static Content and stores it on its servers. Static content that includes images, style sheets (CSS files), Java scripts, flash etc. Now when the user visits your website/blog then CDN redirects to the closest server to its location.

If your main server is hosted in India and someone wants to access it from the US Then it will redirect to the Closet Server which is located in the US.

In this way, CDN reduces loading time of website and keep good website performance.

Some advantages of CDN

  • Speed: It helps to improve your website page speed.
  • Avoid Crash: CDN also prevents your website from crashing with High Volume Traffic.
  • Improve SEO: Google offers more ranking to those websites Which are open with speed.

By the way, We know that website load time is a Most Important factor and Google has cleared it in its updates. In this article, we will tell you, how to speed up WordPress site through Cloudflare Free CDN.

Do you know why any blog should be loaded within 3 Seconds?

If not then read below!

They use CDN to improve website load time. It is necessary because Google likes Fast Loading Website and gives them High Ranking.

How To Setup Cloudflare in Blog

1. Create a Free Account on Cloudflare Network.

2. Enter the name of the domain in which you want to use the CDN and click on Scan DNS.

3. After Scanning Your Domain Name, click Continue.

4. Choose Cloudflare Free plan.

5. Now Cloudflare free CDN will give you Nameservers to point your Domain with Cloudflare. Add these Nameservers to your Domain. For this, For this go to the settings of the domain and add these nameservers in the Nameservers option.(Delete all the Nameservers and use only Clodfare Nameservers in your Domain)

6. After entering Nameserver, Go to your Cloudflare Account and then click on Recheck Nameservers. You will be able to see, your Cloudflare Account has become active.

7. Your Cloudflare CDN Setup is now complete.

Using CDN is a good Idea to increase website load time and this is an easy way to speed up WordPress site.

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