Why should not use Facebook Auto Liker

Why should not use Facebook Auto Liker

As we all know that Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. According to Facebook Policy, you can add 5000 friends to your Facebook account. But except for all these things, we come to our article that why should not we use Facebook auto liker.

Never use Facebook auto liker, and if you use Facebook liker then read these things carefully and know how it works.

Today, we use Facebook autoliker app or fb autoliker sites to get more likes on our Facebook account. But We do not know how it gives What are its disadvantages.

It is true that they give likes. But how do they work?

So let’s know how Facebook post auto liker works………..

If you have ever used auto liker then You may have noticed that they ask you to make your privacy public.

After that, they give you a token, then they give like and comment.

But have you ever thought why auto liker ask you to make your privacy public? And why do they give tokens or generate tokens?

What are disadvantages of Facebook auto liker

The biggest thing that you can see, these likes are weird, means these likes are out of India or some different names, which are Chinese, French, Dutch etc. and anyone can tell that these likes are auto liker.

But when you use Facebook auto liker, then What are the tokens?

If they give like then in return they also take like from you Via token. That means they give likes another Facebook account from your Facebook account without informing you. They can like anything through your facebook account such as porn page or something that you do not want.

Also, they give a comment on any photo from your ID, which can be anything.

Fb auto liker makes your profile completely public by privacy, from which your friends can also see that what you like and comment.

Suppose if any porn page like with auto liker, then all your friends will know that what did you like.

Also, whatever you get like and comments, most of them know that they are Facebook auto liker.

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One thought on “Why should not use Facebook Auto Liker

  1. Yeah, you are right in your article we don’t know about of the background process what is happens. They are a lot of auto generators ask the Facebook into the tokens, in the beginning, am also wondering to know about of that what is token and the action of privacy into the public. After that only I understand everything about of Facebook auto like auto generators such as DJ likers and Sexy likers they are copying the users credential. And only a few of the sites are provides a best and secured like I used the more site but this one didn’t ask a token or nothing here I give the link of the site just check whether Is it secure or not by my point and research it’s a safe one Best Facebook likers

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