Add your site to Google Search Engine Step by Step Guide

Add your site to Google Search Engine Step by Step Guide

When you create a website, submit it to Google search engine and popular search engines. This is the first and most important thing. Many new bloggers do not submit website to search engines after creating their website. In this article, we will tell you how to submit Sitemap to Google search engines using SEO by Yoast.

Submit site to Google Search Engine

If you are a blogger, you may know about Google Search Console Tools (Webmaster tool). It’s made by Google which you can use for free. Today, with the help of Google Webmaster Tools, we will submit our site to Google search engine.

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google search console is also called Google Webmaster Tools. It is free tools. With which you can see the search engine stats of your website/blog or many more.

Why submit sitemap to Google Search Console

There are many search engines on the Internet – Bing, Yahoo, but Google is the largest search engine and 90% people use Google search engines. That’s why a Sitemap is added to Google Search Console to increase blog traffic.

But before submitting a sitemap in google search console, we will know what is a sitemap.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URL of your blog. From which Google bots or crawlers can easily crawl and find your blog.

We use the online sitemap generator tool to create Sitemap for website and submit it to Google and Bing Webmaster tools. But for WordPress blogs, we can use Yoast SEO plugin to create Sitemap, so after publishing a new post it will automatically update our sitemap and So you do not have to manually update your sitemap again and again.

Submit Website to Search Engines using Yoast SEO Plugin

If you add Sitemap to the footer of your website, it’s a good thing for SEO and search engine bots or crawlers can easily find and crawl your site.

How to create a sitemap in WordPress

WordPress blogger can easily create and submit sitemap to Google search engines using SEO by Yoast for your blog. To create a sitemap, go to SEO >> XML Sitemap and create a Sitemap. As you can see in the screenshot below,

By the way, There are so many online tools to create XML sitemap like XML Sitemaps Generator.

Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

In order to submit a website to Google search engine, we have to submit Sitemap to Google Search Console Tool.

To Submit sitemap to Google Search Console, Go to Webmaster Tool dashboard, here you will see an option “Sitemaps” on the right-hand side.

Click on the Sitemaps here you can submit a new or first sitemap for your website.

Click “Add / Test Sitemap” to submit Sitemap file.

Add your generated sitemap here. If you are running a site that has a lot of images, then you can also create an image sitemap and you can also create a video sitemap for your website. If you submit Sitemap to Google for image and video sitemap separately, you can also see the status of those links.

If you are submitting a sitemap for a new blog, then it may take some time to show the index status. On this page, you can also see how many URLs have been submitted through submitting sitemap, and how many links have been indexed by Google for your site.

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