Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress

Are You Looking For Free WordPress Hosting?

Choosing Hosting for New WordPress Blog is extremely difficult. And some new bloggers use Free Web Hosting to learn WordPress and launch your Website / Blog with good features. And later they go into the Premium Hosting Service. The truth is that I also started my WordPress Blog with Free Web Hosting. when Traffic started growing on my blog, I shifted my blog to Premium Hosting.

This is because WordPress is a very powerful Self Hosted Content Management System. But it requires Web Hosting. Which provides us with many important features such as Bandwidth, Disk Space Backups and Restore, FTP Accounts, One Click Installation, Security and many more. So Let’s Read Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress.

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There are thousands of web hosting services available to host WordPress website at the moment. Includes two types of hosting, Free or Paid. We are going to tell you some of the best Decent Free Web Hosting Websites to host your new WordPress Blog.

In fact, There is a lot of difference between Primium Web Hosting and Free Web Hosting. Not only in Customer Support, but also in Features, Price, Diskspace and Bandwidth.

Using Free hosting you can create your new beautiful and best blog without any cost and at the same time You can also use it to learn WordPress.

Why Use Free WordPress Hosting?

Free Web Hosting Service can be a good choice for you to start your new WordPress Blog. So you should use Free Hosting for your new WordPress Blog.

But do not use Free Web Hosting Service for your High Traffic Blog and Professional Blog. Because it can Suspend your account at any time. Yes, if your blog’s traffic is low or you have just started your blog, then you can use Free Hosting Service. And when traffic of your blog increases, you can shfit your blog into Premium Web Hosting.

Benefits of Free WordPress Hosting Company :

The biggest advantage of using Free Web Hosting is that it is totally free that saves your money, and you can use it for other purposes as well.

You can use it to make your blog attractive and move it in a good direction.

As we know that Design of Your Blog is very important to attracting visitors.

If you are using BlogSpot and want your blog to look like another blog and attract your Blog Visitors, then you must definitely shift your blog to WordPress.

The drawbacks of BlogSpot :

  • The biggest drawback of Blogspot is that it is not fully customizable. This means we can not offer Attractive Design to our blog.
  • Talk about the other lack of blogspot, here you do not find many features like WordPress Such as Site Loading Speed, Sharing Features, etc. are required. These features are not available in BlogSpot.
  • We do not get full control in Blogspot such as SEO. BlogSpot’s SEO is good but Friends SEO totally depends on our content and us. Through WordPress, we can easily optimize our blog according to Search Engine.

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Best Free WordPress Hosting for WordPress :

1. WPNode is a good WordPress hosting service for which you will not have to pay. In it you can start your WordPress Blog by selecting Free Package, there are some additional features like this.

  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited WordPress Sites
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 1GB Email & Free Global CDN
  • Lightning Fast & Strong Security
  • Preconfigured W3 Total Cache Plugin
  • Manage Your Database via phpMyAdmin
  • Upload & Downlaod Files Via SFTP
  • Its Control Panel is easy to use

2. x10Hosting

X10Hosting is Free Web Hosting Service. X10Hosting provides Cloud Storage. With this company you can easily take your website online in just a few minutes.

  • Provides You Private Cloud Hosting
  • Latest Version Of cPanel
  • Advanced Versions of MySQL and PHP
  • Free Hosting No Ads Website
  • R1Soft CDP Backup Facility
  • The Website is Uptime 99.9%
  • Offers you Secure Browsing with Open VPN

3. FreeHostingNOAds

FreeHostingNoAds is an Ad Free Web Hosting Service, and it does not provide any kind of Popup Ads.

  • 20GB Disk Space and 200 Bandwidth Traffic
  • it provide one click installation

4. Byte host

Bytehost is also a good Free Web Hosting Service, as well as some of its special features.

  • 20GB Monthly Transfer
  • 50 Addons Domains, Parked Domains & Sub Domains
  • 5500 MB Disk Space
  • 50 MySQL Database
  • Free 24/7 Support, FTP Account
  • Free Tech Support
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Error Page Manager

5. Zymic

This is an Expert Web Hosting Company, which is a familiar name for Free Web Hosting Service. There are many amazing features in it. Which is a good option for WordPress Hoting.

  • 5000MB Disk Space
  • 50000MB Data Transfer (Monthly)
  • Unlimited Number of Accounts
  • FTP Access
  • Free WordPress Hosting
  • 5 MySQL Database
  • Sub-Domains
  • Free Sub-Domains
  • Web Templates

In this post I told you about Top 5 Free Web Hosting Website for WordPress. So if you want to start your new WordPress Blog, you must use Free Web Hosting at no cost, But when your Traffic begins to grow, then you can shift your Blog to Premium WordPress Hosting.

If your blog’s traffic is good and you want to come on WordPress then you should use Premium WordPress Hosting Service.

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