Best Ways to make money from home without any investment

Best Ways to make money from home without any investment

In today’s day, online jobs have raised in India. With the help of online jobs in the whole world, people are earning thousands of millions of rupees at home. Today, make money online is very easy with the help of internet. In India without any technical knowledge, people are earning 10000-30000 in a month, with the help of Internet or Online Jobs, while people with knowledge of Internet and Technology are earning millions.
easy ways to make money online in home without any investment

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In this article we told you some best ways to make money without any investment. if, Do you want to earn money sitting at home like these people? If yes! It is the best opportunity to start. The biggest thing to get started is knowing which genuine mediums we can earn online money sitting in our home in India.

Ways to make money online

We have told about some best tremendous ways of earning money online, which you will not have to invest any money to get started. These methods are completely free.

ways to make money from home without any investment

Please take the time to understand all these Points and read well so that you can use these paths to earn online and earn good money.

1 Advertising on your website or blog

Advertising online or advertising on your website is the best way to earn money online on the internet. You can earn money from the following 5 advertisements on your blog or website.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising(PPC)
  • Sell Text Link Advertisement
  • Sell your own Advertisement on your Website
  • Paid Review

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is also called CPC that is Cost Per Click Advertising. This is the simplest online advertising method on the Internet today. In this, the advertising company gives money according to the clicks on the ads.
Some major companies offering Pay Per Click Advertising –
Adsense is Google’s Ad Placement or Publishing Network. Almost all Ads by Blogger Adsense publish on their blog or website. However getting Approval of Google Adsense Account is not easy for all websites. Approval of this account is very important in meeting your website’s content, Google Ads Terms.
There is a payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque. Payout is done only after it has a minimum of 100 $ (Threshold Revenue).
If you are not getting Approval from Adsense, your Adsense has been banned or you are not happy with the revenue you earn from it, then do not worry, there are many more ways you can make money.
Infolinks is the best way to do In-Text Advertising in a blog post. In it, Infolinks shares 70% of its revenue with its Ads Publishers and 30% owns it. In the text, in the paragraph of the post, twice in the text, appear as Underline Text ads on which the Banner or Text ads appear on the Cursor.
When your Revenue gets $ 50, Infolinks sends money earned by PayPal to your bank or you can get a payout from $ 100 Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck or Western Union.
Media.Net is Yahoo’s advertising company that offers PPC advertising. It can be considered as the best alternative to Google Adsense. Its Ads also show ads related to adsense ads on content related to the website or blog.
There is a minimum payout of at least $ 100 in two types – by Wire Transfer or Paypal.
Chitika can also be a good alternative if your website does not get Approval from Adsense or because its ads are lower than other companies.
At $ 10 you can get a payout from Chitika via Paypal but if you want to check, your revenue should be 50 $ or more.
LinkWorth is a good provider for Text Link advertising. It also allows you to write Ads, Paid Reviews, from the Ad Company.
You can make at least $ 25 by Paypal and $ 100 Check, Wire Transfer or EFT.
Sell your own Advertisement on your Website.
You can sell your own Banner ads or Ebook written on any topic through Ads on your website.
Write a good review by taking money, Paid Reviews
You can earn a lot of money from Paid Reviews. In this, you have to write about good things about company like money, about their products, its benefits. There are also websites that charge $ 300 to $ 500 for a review.
You can take money from the advertiser according to your website’s Traffic and Rank quality.

2 online earn money from mobile apps and eBook apps

Making money with mobile phones is very trendy today.Today is the era of smartphones tomorrow And there are many apps in the Apps Market, on seeing videos, playing games, earning money on completing tasks, or you can get Rs.100-500 Free Recharge.These are the small things you can make a lot of money with mobile apps. How do you know?
If you are a programmer and you know to do Apps Design and Coding (Java, C ++) then you can make a lot of money by creating your own app. Just need to make an awesome app and publish it on Google Play or App Store. You can also make your app pay per download or earn money from Admob Ads. You can also create an Ebook App for a mobile phone and sell it at the App Store.

3 Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the oldest marketing strategy. When you refer to someone else online to buy anything and if he buys it from that Referral link, then You get some commission from the sells stuff.
The value of the commission is according to the percentage of the product set by the company. This works like this – if you buy a mobile phone of 11000 rupees from your affiliate link and if 10% is determined by the company, you will get 1100 rupees.

4 Become a freelancer and earn money

This is the best way to earn money online after making money from advertising. A freelancer is one who earns money by giving their services to small or large companies for a few days. Being a good freelancer is very essential to be strong in your work area.
There are some things to do with Freelance Writing that are very important to correct :
  • First of all, do you want to write full-time or part-time articles?
  • Calculate the correct Fees for your work.
  • Focus more in writing articles of the topic that you know best.
  • Improve your Grammar and improve the handwriting method.
Many freelancer websites work online today, such as Fiverr, SeoClerks, TrueLancer, Freelancer etc.
A good freelancer can earn from 30000 to 200000 rupees in a month according to your skill. You can design graphic as well as write content for people, do website design, SEO optimization, and more.

5 best ways to make money from Your Video

YouTube is the world’s best Video Sharing website. You can upload any type of video to YouTube. You can make a lot of money on YouTube just because your video should be fun and informative, so that the video gets maximum views and traffic.
Steps to earn money on YouTube:
  • Always create Unique Video and upload The uploaded video should not be copied.
  • Keep the best SEO optimized title for your video so that more and more Organic Traffic can reach your Youtube.
  • Write a good description for that video, because the Crawlers read the descriptions of your video for take on Google, Yahoo and Bing’s Search Engine.
  • Go to the Video Dashboard on your YouTube Channel and turn on the Monetize option. You need an Active Adsense account for this.
  • After publishing your video on Youtube, be sure to share it in your Blog and Social Network.
  • Advertisements will appear on every single view of your video on YouTube, which will get you money when clicked, The Revenue You Can See In The Adsense Dashboard.

 6 Sell stuff on website

Selling goods at Internet or online is very easy. You have to open a Seller Account on any of the best online shopping websites and make a gallery of your products there. Just what else would your people look like? All present shop websites take a small fee after selling your luggage. All shopping websites do not offer the Seller Account. At the end of this topic we have named some good shopping websites which offer it.
Today there are millions of people on the internet who are sitting at home selling their products on the Online Shopping website. There are many benefits to selling online goods –
  • You do not need any stores for your products and big investments.
  • You can reach to many people as possible while selling the goods in it.
  • Money is a safe to give or receive online payments to anyone.
Online is a lot of website where you can sell your products online. There are 4 best selling product websites in India-,,,

Buy and sell domains

In today’s, buying and selling a domain has also become trendy. People buy many good and Premium Future Domains every day and they sell them for a long time after more value. how? Let’s say:
Buying and selling a domain is almost like the Share Market. Just like buying a stock in a stock market at cheap prices, similarly, domain names are purchased at cheap prices and are sold at good prices on websites which are bid for bigger domains.
What kind of domains buy for Buy and sell domains buisness:
  • First of all search for some names that have good value in the world in the right way.
  • There are some domains that do not have the same value in the present but later they are going to become famous. That’s why we said earlier – Domains with Premium Future, i.e. such domains that have a good future.
  • Think, there is a big company XYZ and lots of different properties about which you know but the name of is available in 1000 rupees. So it’s great because later that same domain will earn you millions, but you need to be patient and hold the domain.
  • You can also buy good domains by going to the Good Domains Auction website, but it is expensive by purchasing domain by researching it yourself.
Best Companies to Buy Domain – GoDaddy, BigRock, eWallhost, 1and1.
Best Companies to Sell Domain – Sedo, Flippa.

Buy and sell websites

Website Selling and Buying is called Website Flipping. A lot of people who do business of website flipping first make a good blog and earn good traffic and money after that, then sell that website at a good price according to one year income.
Many of the selling websites should be of good quality, such as – Web Organic Traffic of less than 5-6 months, Domain Trust, Backlinks, Ranking etc.
Tips for buying a website
  • Buy website only according to your money and time power. Firstly understand Website Flipping correctly and then get into this business.
  • You should have full knowledge about how you can grow the website you purchased so that you can get good profits while selling.
  • The Right Place to Sell Website –,,
  • Before buying a website you should have the answer to some important questions – why is the person who sells the website? Whether they have Proof of Google Analytics and Ads Earning Revenue? Do a little research on that website on Google, to find out there is no banned website anywhere?
  • How much money should be for buying a website? Think if the seller wants to sell his website for Rs. 10000 then this does not mean that you can bid directly for Rs. 2000. Firstly understand the website’s flaws and problems correctly and then offer a price to the seller by thinking of it.
  • If your website is having very good traffic and money, then you will definitely get more money than your purchased money, even if the website you have for only one month.
Tips for Selling Website
  • To understand the exact time of selling the website, just ask yourself some important questions – have you lost all the ways to make Traffic and Money Generating Website? Do you earn money from the site that you invest? If you have an answer to these questions then proceed to sell.
  • All the information and information related to the website should be true.
  • Do not be too greedy and sell the website when it is a true beneficial Deal.

9 Sell your photos and earn money

If you have some good photos that you’ve bought from Camera then you can earn money by selling them at good prices. You can sell your photo at Alamy, Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket, Photomoolah.
There are times also that some of your stunning photos are dragged into your Smartphone, which you used to pick up a mountain, lake or some beautiful thing on a picnic. Those photos can also be profitable for you. List them on websites that sell online photos.
When a person likes your photo or they want to buy it, then they can buy through these websites. These websites take a small fee after selling photos.

10 Make money by designing themes or templates

In today’s online world there is a lot of themes for templates or WordPress for the website or blog and its demand is increasing day by day.
If you are an expert in Web Design or Coding, then you can make a lot of money from it. You can sell your created themes or template in Themes Marketplace, like TemplateMonster and ThemeForest. The price of Themes in these markets is determined according to its feature.
What quality should be in a good website theme:
  • User Friendly – People find it easy to use or browse and easily find web content on your website.
  • Beautiful – it means that the right color according to the topic of the website, which makes people feel good.
  • Mobile Optimized – it should look good in Mobile Phone i.e. should be responsive.
  • Site Speed – The Website must have a Speed High. This proves to be helpful in lowering the Bounce Rate.
  • Unique Design – The design of the website should be the most unique and several times different from the others.

11 Write eBook and Sell

What is ebook Ebooks are an electronic version of any book or notes that people can read in their mobile phone or computer. In today’s era, people also buy and sell eBook online.
It is very easy to publish Ebook on the internet but it is very difficult to write. People think that as Ebook Write Sells, it is not so, even if someone wants to sell it cheaply. Your writing method should be very good for writing eBooks.
The most important thing of an ebook is its :
  • Digital file type – It is good to have a .pdf file exclusively because this file type easily supports all mobile phones, tablets and computers.
  • Clickable links- You can also click on links that click on your website which redirects to your website.
  • Pages length- Write your ebook at least 30-40 pages long.
  • Table of Content – It is very important to be in all ebooks, because it shows what content is in your ebook and the desire to read it further increases.
  • Cover Design – If you want your ebook to be good, then you need a good Ebook Cover design. You can either design yourself or even do any other.
6 Best Platform – Amazon, SeoClerks, Fiverr, Payhip, Selz, Feiyr for selling your eBooks.
So these are some of the best ways to make money. If you like this post “ways to make money from home without any investment”, please share and comment on this post.If you also have some good ideas to earn money online, then definitely tell us through comment.

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