Top Ways to Earn Money at Home for a Housewife

Fortunately, there are many jobs women can do from home and earn money that will not affect daily work and require little or no investment.

Earn money by starting a beauty parlor at home

You do not need to invest a lot in a beauty parlor, you can start your own beauty parlor by investing a little bit.

Sell homemade goods

This is the best and easiest way for women to earn easy money from home – selling homemade goods online. You can sell wooden items, jewelry, embroidery or pottery, table mats, and home decorating products.

Earn money by taking tuition at home

You just need to be educated for this work, then you can easily earn money. You can earn up to 5000 a month by teaching a small child around you for two to three hours.

Earn money by tailor

There are many women who are earning a good amount of money a month by doing tailoring work. Although this work takes some hard work and time, but the earnings are very good.

Start a YouTube channel

To start youtube channel all you have to do is go to youtube site and sign up with your email id and your channel will be ready to upload videos. And then, you can make money through advertisements.


On the freelance site, you can do different types of work like writing, programming, design, marketing, data entry. There are many companies and people who hire someone else to get their work done and they pay them after the work is done.

Earn money from instagram

If you are an Instagram user and you have a lot of followers in your Instagram account then you can earn money very easily. Instagram users who have a lot of followers, the company asks them to promote their product. And you can take money from those companies according to your follower base.

Sell your stories & videos

If your mind is creative and adept at thinking new stories and video scripts, then you can earn money by selling your stories and video scripts. There are many YouTubers and users who are looking for new stories.

Earn money by content writing

Content writing is also a very good way for women to earn money sitting at home… If you like to write then you can do this work and earn money sitting at home.

Sell course notes

If you have a good degree in studies, you can make course notes and sell them online and earn money. There are many sites where you can upload your notes and set a price. You get paid when another student downloads them.