Website optimization techniques with Google Webmaster Tools

Website optimization techniques with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster is a great SEO tool for blogger and we also know it as Google Search Console Tool that is invented by Google. If you are a blogger or a website owner, you may know about Google Webmaster Tools. As well as providing complete information about your site stats, how your website is performing in search engines.

Google Webmaster tools

Website optimization techniques with Google Webmaster Tools

For website optimization, Google webmaster tools is a free search engine optimization tools that help us to analyze SEO on our blog and make search engine friendly. Website search engine optimization is a slow process, it takes months to work.

In this article, we will tell you to improve Google search engine ranking and how to make your blog search engine friendly using Google Webmaster Tools.

So let’s start website optimization with Google Webmaster Tools.….

Submit sitemap to Google

If you want to make your site a search engine optimization, first create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google console search so that Google bots can easily crawl your website. With this help of sitemap, You can see how many URLs of your site are indexed in Google. If you have not submitted a Sitemap to Google, then create a Sitemap and submit to Google Webmaster Tools.

Manage your site’s Google site link

Site links are useful pages of your site that index as the site link. However, Google sometimes makes site links less useful posts and pages (disclaimer or privacy policy page). In such a situation, you can configure the site links of your website and block unwanted links with the help of Webmaster Tools.

Setting of Webmaster tools

With the help of Google Webmaster tools, you can set some essential setting for your site such as geographic targets, www or non-www etc. This allows you to target a certain country. If your blog or service is for a particular area, then configure it. For example, if your WordPress blog is based on India then set its geographic target for India. This will help you to get more traffic from that particular area. Google Webmaster Tools also allows you to configure www and non-www settings.

Site analytics

Finding top ranking keywords is the biggest challenge for maintaining search engine rankings.

The Google webmaster tool’s Search Analytics feature tells you which keyword is ranked for the search engine.

You can use the SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin so that you can automatically link keywords. This will improve your page ranking.


With the help of webmaster tools, you can see your ranking keywords and if you are ranking on the wrong keyword, then search for the reason and try to rank for the right keywords.

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