What is Phishing Attack and How to Prevent Phishing

What is Phishing Attack and How to Prevent Phishing

Phishing is a hacking technique used by hackers in which hackers use email or website to entrap target user and stole all the information from the user. In this, hackers send you fake email which is similar to any registered company, bank, credit card, etc. If you are not alert to these emails then a hacker can hack your personal information. Here will discuss What is Phishing Attack and How to Prevent Phishing.

What is Phishing Attack

Phishing is a common form of theft on the internet. It is used to steal user’s personal and confidential information like bank account number, net banking password, credit card number, personal identification details etc and some Indian banks have affected by phishing.

How to do Phishing Attack

In phishing scams, the hacker creates a duplicate website of the original website, whose main target is to steal user’s important information.

The design of the phishing page is like the original web page in which there is only a difference in the URL address that the user is unnoticed and they enter their ID and password and they are traps in phishing scams created by hackers.

For example

The hacker has created a Bluehost phishing website like Bluehost and has sent an email like your account suspended or problem etc… with login link and when you click on this login link and enter your Bluehost account details, hackers get your login details.

Hackers use phishing techniques to hack your personal identity, bank account, social media etc.

In this, hackers email to the customer with a captivating offer and when the customer clicks on that link, he redirects to a fake website.

Information ask for Phishing Attack

  • Your name
  • Your email id
  • Your password
  • Your mobile number
  • Your address
  • Your bank account number
  • ATM Card Debit Card and Credit Card Number & Validation Code
  • Your date of birth

After this, you are asked to enter your information such as password, credit card number and bank account number etc. and you place your important information on that website and click on the submit button after which the error appears and You become a victim of phishing scams.

How to Prevent Phishing attack

Before opening any link that comes to your email, check the URL well. if the URL contains Https and green lock, it means the website is secure. https and green lock Indicate that this web page is using encryption.

If someone is requesting your ATM detail on the mobile phone or any kind of personal information, and if you do not know that person then does not give any kind of information. it can be a scam.

Always remember that the bank never asks for your account information by email and call

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