WP Fastest Cache Settings Tutorial 2018

WP Fastest Cache Settings Tutorial 2018

Today in this article, we will discuss WP Fastest Cache Settings Tutorial, which helps improve your site loading time. We will also discuss the most popular CDNs like Cloudflare and MaxCDN integration which help your WordPress site load faster.

So let’s start the WP Fastest Cache configuration…..

WP Fastest Cache Settings Tutorial

The settings of the WP Fastest Cache are very easy and you can easily configure it with few clicks. Click here to download WP Fastest Cache Plugin.

When configuring the WP Fastest Cache plugin, you only need to make changes to the Preload section. If you use shared hosting, you have to set 4-6 pages per minute and 10-12 pages per minute on VPS. Follow the steps below for the WP Fastest Cache Configuration,

WP Fastest Cache Settings Tutorial

Quick steps:

  • Cache System – Enable
  • Preload – Enable this option and check all the options (Homepage, post, categories, tags etc.) in the popup. But keep one thing in mind if you are using shared hosting, then set it 4-6 pages per minute and 10-12 pages per minute for VPS.
  • Logged-in Users – If you are running a Single Author website, enable cached and if you are running a Multi-author website then disable cached.
  • Mobile – enable
  • Mobile Theme – This is a premium feature.
  • New Post – Enable it and select “Clear all Cache” in the pop-up box and click OK.
  • Update Post – Enable this option and select “clear cache of post/page” and click ok button.
  • Minify HTML – To reduce your web page size, please enable it. it will also improve your site performance.
  • Minify HTML Plus – This is a premium feature.
  • Minify CSSDecreases your site CSS file and improves your site performance and loading speed.
  • Minify CSS Plus – premium feature
  • Combine CSS – it combines javascript and CSS file and reduces HTTP requests.
  • Minify Js – Reduces Js file size.
  • Combine Js – combines js files and redoes HTTP requests.
  • Combine Js Plus – premium feature
  • Gzip – it compresses your web page and reduced size.
  • Browser Caching – Reduces page load times for visitors who visit your site again.
  • Render Blocking Js – premium feature

And leave the rest of the settings default. If you want to enjoy its premium features then you can upgrade it.

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If you are using MaxCDN on your website, then definitely check the MaxCDN tutorial. He has mentioned the ideal WP fastest cache configuration in his tutorial.

And if you are using Cloudflare, then see this Cloudflare tutorial. They have told, if you are using the WP Fastest Cache plugin on your blog or website, then disable Cloudflare feature – “Disable Auto Minify” and “Rocket Loader”.

In Cloudflare, you do not need any kind of CDN integration, and if you use MaxCDN then you need CDN integration.

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